Dear EDA colleagues,

Here is the list of items that we covered in our IEEE DATC dinner on June
28 in San Francisco:

1. We will increase level of activity and corresponding spending levels,
leveraging our 2000-strong list. As a possibility Juan-Antonio proposed a
"State of the EDA" yearly trends article, based on our views from EDPS and
other activities around us. Juan-Antonio to coordinate initially, proposals
for a chief editor are welcome. Content may be funnelled on the Design &
Test DATC-owned space. Idea was well received. Other activities such as
DATC-stamped volunteer local meetings, wine & cheese receptions, etc. were
also considered - Dwight and John Willis may explore this.

2. We will recognize the hard work of certain contributors who for now
shall remain nameless, with IEEE certificates if possible.

3. We will enhance coordination with CEDA. We will clarify authority,
funding, etc. Juan-Antonio is acting DATC representative.

4. We will encourage DASC to participate in DATC activities/meetings.
Victor Berman represents DASC.

5. Alec Stanculescu presented an idea for a technical study on
Verilog-expressable variable precision arithmetic. He intends to prepare a
proposal and drive a technical study, with potential for standards work, if
everything goes well.

Best regards,

Juan-Antonio Carballo
+1-408-239-6130 (mobile)