First item: the presence of DATC at the university booth at DAC 2007.

It was agreed that this would be a good idea."Sponsoring" a spot in the booth would cost $1500, plus materials to hand out. It is not clear that DATC would get any "wall space" for this money. Alec and Alex with work on booth for DAC

The contacts for this booth and its policies are John Daniel ( and Georgann Carter ( They will have names of the members of DATC. The Distinguished Visitor Program (DVP) was mentioned by Ron as another source of information to hand out at DAC.

Suggestion - look at old D&T magazines and look at the message from the chair, and review issues of the newsletter. Maybe hand out copies.

Note to JA - verify presence in listing of Volunteer Leaders of IEEE Computer society.
Andrzej will take care of handouts for DAC. He would like to coordinate with someone for reproduction and source of copy. Joe, JA and Gary Smith will put together content for handout. Will work with editor of Design and Test (Tim Cheng) and try to get a message from the chair of D&T Tom Centrella.

Dwight - suggest we have a poster. Andrei and JA will check into availability of wall space.
Dwight volunteered Synopsys to reproduce the handout with a color Xerox printer. Please forward PDF to Dwight when it is available.

Next topic: Tutorial at ICCAD - Nov 8th, San Jose

Andrei suggests a 2 hour tutorial with 2 parts - theoretical and practical. We will have 3 hours.

Overall theme is "Design for the Globalization", as listed in J.A.'s email.

1.Design for Globalization (DfG) - design methodology described by Dr.
Rucinski and demonstrated using the Global Ambient Intelligence Network by Dr. Kochanski - 2 hour version

2.TechonLine ( -
description and demonstration (the company may cover the expenses, will
be contacted after the DATC confcall)

3.Mathworks and Simulink as a MDA tool (the company will pay and will be contacted after the confcall) Note: Both GAIN and Simulink will be demonstrated using the virtual network set up by TechonLine Expect cost to be $3000 for travel, expect each company to donate $3000 each. Decided to review and consider budget later.

Additional Details:

Alec proposed to give a tutorial at ICCAD on the use of FinMath for modeling mathematical descriptions within a Verilog/SystemVerilog environment. This tutorial would be complementary to the Tutorial on MathLab and Symulink.

Andrei stated that he likes this idea since it will not appear that DATC endorses just one vendor, but expressed concern about the time available for the tutorials. He said that originally there were 4 hours allocated but only two are allocated at this time. Andrei asked Alec how much time does he need to present something meaningful.

Alec stated that he would need at least 45 minutes.

Andrei stated that a series of tutorials may be sponsored by DATC. Several participants supported this idea.

Alec stated that he also supports the idea of a series of tutorials and pointed out that in view of the fact that there is some limit on the time available at ICCAD we may consider to restrict the first tutorial to Mathematical Descriptions for Hardware Design and Verification and have just the tutorials on MathLab/Simulink and FinMath be presented at ICCAD, having the Design for Globalization be the theme of a subsequent Tutorial.

Juan Antonio stated that he will see to it that at least 3 hours will be allocated at ICCAD for the DATC Tutorials. Juan Antonio insisted that the proposals for tutorials should be made available before our next conference call so that we can make sure that the tutorials do not represent just a sales pitch by one company nor is the tutorial too theoretical.

Andrei asked Alec to send him a preliminary summary of the tutorial on FinMath as soon as possible even though he understands that the tutorial itself may not be ready.

Alec stated that he will send such a summary of the FinMath tutorial on Monday.

Alex Zamfirescu stated that he would be interested to present as part of the series of tutorials, one on XML.

There followed a discussion about nature of the tutorial. Various concerns were raised: Was this about globalization or about Mathworks?Will discuss this over next month - and review again at next meeting.

Last Points:

Another possible talk: Leveraging XML technologies in EDA standards - Alec L.

JA will put together a note about Design Automation in China.

Gary will work on a newsletter for this quarter.

Please send any contributions directly to JA.

Joe Damora will format for the web page - please send him suggestions.

Joe Damore at Noted that there are some troubles in getting from IEEE web site to DATC page.