Minutes of the 8/17/2007 DATC Executive Committee Telephone Meeting
  Thank you for your time today! Here are some notes that I got from our

1. ICCAD tutorial / event going well, with 3 speakers confirmed. JA
and Gary and try for an IBM speaker with emphasis on global design. Andrzej
to bring projector just in case. JA to connect with organizers so nothing
else is loose.

2. Conferences: MSE turned a profit for DATC. Andrzej to help JA
connect with Mark Johnson to ensure credit goes to IEEE DATC. Andrzej to
send Juan-Antonio names and CFPs for 2 other European conferences that will
likely be supported by DATC as well. JA to check with IEEE so other
sponsored conferences appear on the IEEE web site.

3. Newsletter: team to send to Gary and Juan-Antonio ideas for next
letter, especially summaries of conferences.

4. Other new directions: Dwight to help brainstorm an idea on how DATC
can "own" the concept of crowdsourcing for global chip design - perhaps
propose a difficult design problem and sponsor a global competition. Could
be related to Design for Globalization.

Best regards,