Minutes of the 10/29/2007 DATC Executive Committee Telephone Meeting

Thanks, Andrzej!

Folks, here's a quick summary of today's call:

1. ICCAD meeting next week. As you can see at
"", the details of our meeting and
tutorial are all set. Andrzej won't be able to come as you know now, but Ted
will drive the tutorial forward. I will be starting the meeting, discussing
DATC's business, and then will let Ted start the tutorial. Please publicize
this event as much as you can (I already did), and more importantly, show up
and participate!

2. Newsletter. We have 3 article contributions for the next newsletter,
thanks to Gary who is gathering them. Please send other contributions (few
paragraphs of text) if you are interested, or solicit from others. This is a
great way for us to express what we are working on. We will also summarize
the newsletter once it's done for our colleagues at our sister

3. Alec is still interested in promoting an initiative around standard
communication formats. He will send his proposal again. Our "sister"
organizations (CEDA) have decided not to duplicate IEEE standard efforts,
but follow the process within them. We'll probably do the same.

Thanks and see you next week!