Minutes of the 1/07/2008 DATC Executive Committee Telephone Meeting

Dear DATC colleagues,

Thank you for your time during our 2008 launch DATC call. We were very
productive, and started planning for 2008. Beyond continuing our successful
editorial, educational, and workshop / event initiatives in emerging areas
(system design, global design), we discussed a few new topics for 2008,

* Create the position of Publicity Chair - its function will be to
direct the team's output through the right channels, both inside and outside
IEEE, while coordinating with myself, Gary, Joe, and the rest of the team.
The DATC team will provide Juan-Antonio input on what candidates would work
for this, including from DATC itself.

* Start a crowdsourcing competition initiative (Dwight + Alec) by
(a) collectively describe an unsolved chip design problem, and (b) use the
community to discuss and propose a solution to it. We will look at the ITRS
Design chapter to define a set of candidates as "red bricks" (Juan-Antonio
will send). Joe will suggest ways for us to drive a community discussion on
the web to decide on the final problem definition. Then we will call for
solutions to the problem, and potentially use a committee to select the most
innovative solution submitted. DATC members - you are welcome to send a
paragraph description for this competition to Juan-Antonio.

* Start an initiative to renew / educate on (IEEE) design standards
processes: John D. + Alex will coordinate the definition of a session at the
upcoming EDPS conference in Monterey, CA in April. A report on this session
will be provided during DAC possibly as part of a DATC meeting there.

In parallel we'll start the process of electing a Chair elect for 2009,
starting with a nomination committee. Please send suggestions to

(Alec/Alex, please correct if I mistake your assignments by confusion of
your names)

Thanks and talk to you in our next call,