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FASE (pronounced like "phase"), the Forum for Advancing Software engineering Education, was started in 1991 by members of the software engineering education community in order to have an electronic forum for the dissemination and discussion of events related to software engineering education. The original acronym for FASE was Forum for Academic Software Engineering, but was subsequently changed so that it was more inclusive of industrial and government training issues (which led to a co-editor in that area). In recent years, FASE has also covered a wide variety of professional issues (e.g. licensing, certification, ethics, body of knowledge, and accreditation), which has also led to the addition of yet another co-editor for this area.

In 2003, FASE is now encompassing all aspects of software engineering.  Now FASE is the Forum for Advancing Software Engineering.





If you are not a member of TCSE and wish to receive FASE, write to <lyris@lyris.acs.ttu.edu> and, in the text of your message (not the subject line), write: subscribe fase <Your Name>.  So for instance, if your name is Jane Smith, write

   subscribe fase Jane Smith

Subscriptions may also be maintained through the Web via http://lyris.acs.ttu.edu.  From there, click on "TTU Faculty Mailing Lists", (not "TTU Departmental Mailing Lists"), and then either "fase" or "fase-talk" (see below), depending on which list you desire.

FASE-TALK is a discussion list.  To join the FASE-TALK list, write to <lyris@lyris.acs.ttu.edu> and, in the text of your message (not the subject line), write: subscribe fase-talk <Your Name>.  You may also view past email messages by going to http://lyris.acs.ttu.edu.


Submission Guidelines

Send newsletter articles to fasesubmit@computer.org to the attention of the appropriate category editor in the subject line.

Category Editor
Academic Education Tom Hilburn
Corporate and Government Training David Carter
Professional Issues Don Bagert
Other, such as articles, faculty ads, conference announcements, etc. Susan Mengel
Guest Editor Special Topic Guest Editor

Items must be submitted by the 8th of the month (or by the Guest Editor's deadline for special topics) in order to be considered for inclusion in that month's issue.  Also, please see the submission guidelines immediately below.

FASE submission format guidelines:  All submissions must be in ASCII format, and contain no more than 70 characters per line (71 including trailing blanks and the new line character).  This 70-character/line format must be viewable in a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad WITHOUT using a "word wrap" facility.  All characters (outside of the newline) should be in the ASCII code range from 32 to 126 (i.e. "printable" in DOS text mode).

All articles contain the viewpoints of their respective authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the FASE staff and advisory council.


FASE Staff

Susan A. Mengel -- Managing Editor
Department of Computer Science
Texas Tech University
URL: http://www.cs.ttu.edu/people/faculty/mengel.html
Don Bagert, P.E. -- Professional Issues Editor
Director of Software Engineering
Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering
URL: http://www.cs.rose-hulman.edu/people/bagert.html
David Carter -- Corporate/Government Editor
Retired from Motorola
Tom Hilburn -- Academic Editor
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Department of Computing and Mathematics
URL: http://faculty.erau.edu/hilburn/


Advisory Committee

Nancy Mead -- Advisory Committee
Software Engineering Institute
Laurie Werth -- Advisory Committee
University of Texas at Austin


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