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  • CVPR Talks Published on
    The Oral Presentations and Poster Spotlights have now been published on
  • Tutorial Slides Available
    The tutorial slides were not published on the conference DVD and are being posted on the website.
  • Conference Paper Awards
    The CVPR 2010 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce to following award recipients:

    Best Student Paper:
    "Visual Event Recognition in Videos by Learning from Web Data"
    Lixin Duan, Dong Xu, Wai-Hung Tsang, and Jiebo Luo

    Best Paper Honorable Mention
    "Modeling Mutual Context of Object and Human Pose in Human-Object Interaction Activities"
    Bangpeng Yao and Li Fei-Fei

    Best Paper
    "Efficient Computation of Robust Low-Rank Matrix Approximations in the Presence of Missing Data using the L1 Norm"
    Anders Eriksson and Anton van den Hengel

    Longuet-Higgins Prize (2 awarded)
    "Efficient Matching of Pictorial Structures"
    Pedro F. Felzenszwalb and Daniel P. Huttenlocher

    "Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects Using Mean Shift"
    Dorin Comaniciu, Visvanathan Ramesh, and Peter Meer
    Workshops and TutorialsJune 13-14, 18, 2010
    Main ConferenceJune 15-17, 2010
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