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CVPR 2012

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Doctoral Consortium

CVPR 2012 hosted a Doctoral Consortium on Monday, June 18th from 11:50 to 13:00 in room 555/556. The goal of the Doctoral Consortium was to provide senior Ph.D. students (i.e., those who have recently submitted or will soon submit a thesis) the opportunity to discuss their research and career objectives with senior members of the community from outside their institution.

The event consisted of a dedicated poster session and catered lunch, and was attended by the selected student participants and an invited committee of faculty and industry researchers.  Prior to the meeting, the student participants each prepared research statements and related materials which were reviewed by designated members of the committee.  At the meeting, each student presented a poster overviewing his/her thesis work or a single recent paper.  The designated committee members discussed the work with the student, offering constructive feedback and guidance for possible future directions.  Participants received some level of travel support -- at least $700 for US students and $1000 for Non-US. Exact support amounts were determined by the level of participation.

Admitted Students

Alireza Fathi (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Chris Chew (Queensland Univ. of Technology)
Ehsan Hoque (Massachussets Institute of Technology)
Hamed Pirsiavash (Univ. of California, Irvine)
Hien Nguyen (Univ. of Maryland)
Hossein Mobahi (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Hyung Jin Chang (Seoul National Univ.)
Ilan Kadar (Ben-Gurion Univ.)
Jagan Varadarajan (EPFL)
Jaishanker Pillai (Univ. of Maryland)
Jia Deng (Princeton Univ.)
Jingyong Su (Florida State Univ.)
Joel A. Hesch (Univ. of Minnesota)
Junfeng He (Columbia Univ.)
Junseok Kwon (Seoul National Univ.)
Karthik Muthuswamy (Nanyang Technological Univ.)
Lixin Duan (Nanyang Technological Univ.)
Meng Yang (Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ.)
Min Sun (Univ. of Michigan)
Munir Shah (Univ. of Otago)
Murad Al Haj (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
Peng Guan (Brown Univ.)
Pyry Matikainen (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)
Ray Ptucha (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Santosh Kumar Divvala (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)
Shireen Elhabian (Univ. of Louisville)
Tali Basha (Tel-Aviv Univ.)
Wei Liu (Columbia Univ.)
Xavier Giro-i-Nieto (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)
Xiaoyu Wang (Univ. of Missouri)
Yuchao Dai (Northwestern Polytechnical Univ.)
Zhilin Zhang (Univ. of California, San Diego)
Zihan Zhou (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Committee of Faculty and Industry Researchers

Andrew Blake
Antonio Torralba
Bill Freeman
Ce Liu
David Forsyth
Derek Hoiem
Erik Sudderth
Fernando De La Torre
Irfan Essa
Jim Rehg
Jiri Matas
Kari Pulli
Lihi Zelnik
Marc Pollefeys
Martial Hebert
Michael Black
Neeraj Kumar
Pedro Felzenszwalb
Rahul Sukthankar
Ramesh Raskar
Raquel Urtasun
Rick Szeliski
Rob Fergus
Shai Avidan
Shih-Fu Chang
Silvio Savarese
Song Chun Zhu
Stan Sclaroff
Steve Seitz
Svetlana Lazebnik
Tinne Tuytelaars
Trevor Darrell
Tsuhan Chen

Interested in participating?  The application deadline was Sunday, May 6th, 23:59 EST


We seek Ph.D. student participants who have determined the direction of their thesis research---with some results already published---but who still have substantial work to complete.  Students who have either recently submitted a thesis or who will soon submit a thesis would be good candidates that we think could benefit from this event.

Note that it is not necessary to have a paper appearing in the conference in order to apply to participate.


To apply to participate, please prepare the following:

1) Research statement: summarize the problem, proposed plan, and progress to date.  (Max 2 pages)
2) CV:  Include the expected graduation date.  (Max 1 page)
3) Statement of expected benefits of participating in the DC.  (Max 1 paragraph)
4) One first-authored paper.
5) Name of paper accepted to CVPR 2012, if applicable.  This is not required to apply.
6) Advisor's support: a short email from the thesis advisor stating support for the student's participation in the DC, describing the current status of the thesis research.

Concatenate items 1 through 5 above into a single pdf file, and email it as a single attachment to, by May 6th, 23:59 PM EST.  Item 6 should be emailed to

Review process:

Approximately 30 students will be invited to participate.  Selection will be based on the clarity of the submitted materials and the student's stage of research.  We will also take institutional representation into account; we are unlikely to invite more than two students from the same institution.  Applications not adhering to the provided guidelines (including page limits) will not be considered.  Notification of acceptance will happen before the CVPR early registration deadline on May 14th, 2012.

Questions?  Email James Hays,