Call For Papers

The Program:

ICCV is a single track conference consisting of highest quality, previously unpublished, contributed papers, presented either orally or as a poster. The oral presentation dates will be from the afternoon of September 22 to the evening of September 25, 1999. Contributions are sought on original research on any aspect of computer vision, including but not restricted to the following topics:

All reviewing will be carried out double blind by the Program Committee . The proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society in paper as well as CD-ROM formats.

The best papers as determined by the program committee will be forwarded to the Marr Prize Committee of the IEEE PAMI TC for final award selection. These awards will be announced and the papers presented at a special Marr Prize session Sept. 22 (see conference format).

Information for Authors:

The conference language is English. All submissions for review will be in hardcopy format only. ICCV paper submission consists of the following actions:

 1.  To ensure proper handling of your paper, before mailing the paper authors must submit the title of the paper, ASCII abstract and the names of the authors (see the submission guidelines). Each paper will be automatically assigned a submission number. This submission number will be used to identify and track your paper. This online submission allows rapid assignment and review and the data will be used to generate the final author and title lists (see Author Information).
 2.   Your manuscript must contain the following items:

 (a) The title of the paper
 (b) The names and complete addresses (telephone, fax, email) of all authors, with the corresponding author identified
 (c) An abstract of upto 300 words, clearly stating the impact of the contribution (originality, importance, results, related work and how your work differs from the past work)
 (d) A set of at most 10 keywords given in a ranked order,
 (e) A second title page with only the title and abstract. Authors and Instituition are not be identified.
 (f) The text of your submission; acknowledgements and references must neither identify nor provide clues as to the author identity or affliation.
 (g) The body of the paper should be no more than 6 pages in IEEE two-column format (the final conference format), including all text, figures and references. Pages that include colour will be possible to include in the Conference proceedings, however at the Author's expense.

 3.   Each submission must be accompanied by a cover letter, signed by the first and/or senior author(s) guaranteeing:

 (a) that one of the authors will present the paper at the conference, if the paper is accepted as a poster paper or for an oral presentation
 (b) that the submitted paper, and any related paper with essentially the same content, has not been and will not be submitted to any other conference during ICCV'99 review period, that is until May 31, 1999


Five copies of complete, blind manuscripts should be sent to the following address:

ICCV'99 Conference Secretariat
Department of Computer Science
D.L.Pratt Building, Room 283
6 King's College Road
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M5S 3G4

Papers must either arrive by the morning of March 8th, 1999 or be dated as picked by Courier on March 5th, 1999. Papers submitted to ICCV may not be submitted to other conferences during the ICCV review period. Papers received after March 5th may be returned unopened.

It is recommended that submitted papers be no longer than six pages in IEEE two-column format (the final conference format), including figures and references. Since authors of accepted papers will be given the option of purchasing two extra pages, papers of seven or eight pages in length will be reviewed. However, it must be understood that submission of a seven or eight page manuscript may compel purchase of the extra pages should the paper be accepted. Papers exceeding eight pages may be rejected without review.

Complete formatting instructions and a LaTeX style file are available from the web page.

Papers that have not been electronically registered as specified in Step 1 may not be reviewed! Also, any paper not conforming to the instructions above will be returned to the authors.

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