The amended minutes from our March 22, 2004 TCCC ExCom teleconference are below.


Minutes amended on April 1, 2004 per input from Ellis Nolley.  Deletions are stricken; additions are shown in red text.


Original Meeting Date: Monday; March 22, 2004




Douglas Comer, Purdue University (

Sanjay Jha, University of New South Wales (

Howard Salwen, Audeon Networks (

Gary Kessler, Champlain College (

Archan Misra, IBM Research (

Ellis Nolley, Strategic Growth (

Joe Bumblis, UDLP (


Unable to attend:


Charles Perkins, Nokia Research (

Sajal K. Das, University of Texas at Arlington (


Next Conference Call (Action Item assigned to Joe Bumblis):


Proposed time frame for our next teleconference is the week of June 14, 2004; this is the first week following the Computer Society ExCom/OpCom meetings.  Please check your calendars for your availability during the week of 6/14/04.  My first proposal is to hold the next teleconference on June 15, 2004 or June 16, 2004 at 3:00 PM ET (2:00 PM CT and 12:00 Noon PT).  Please respond with your availability on either of these dates/time.


Discussion Regarding a Face-to-Face ExCom Meeting:


Per the first agenda item, the attendees agreed that our first Face-to-Face meeting will be held during the LCN Conference scheduled for November 16-18, 2004 in Tampa, Florida (TCCC 100% Sponsorship).  The LCN conference is held from Tuesday through Thursday.  The TCCC ExCom agreed an all-day Friday (November 19, 2004) meeting would permit ExCom members to attend both the LCN and the ExCom meeting, or simply arrive in Tampa on Thursday and depart after the Friday ExCom meeting.  Some thoughts discussed during the teleconference include:


1. Hold a TCCC ExCom dinner-meeting primer during early evening hours on Thursday November 18th; then an all-day meeting on Friday November 19, 2004 to allow those who wish to return home Friday evening the opportunity to do so.

2. Allow ExCom members to arrive anytime on Thursday without regard to a dinner-meeting primer; hold an all-day meeting on Friday; then a recap dinner-meeting on Friday evening.  Not a good choice if several committee members wish to return home on Friday evening.

3. Hold a single meeting all-day on Friday; and adjourn early enough to allow members to return home on Friday evening.

4. Other...


To allow time to schedule hotel and restaurant reservation, we will need to choose from the above list ASAP.  Please place an "X" by the number that fits your current thinking and reply. If you choose "Other...", please inset some text that describes the "Other..." choice and reply to the entire TCCC ExCom E-mail list for all to consider.   I will tally the votes and send a final decision to the ExCom committee.



Other Discussions and Face-to-Face Meeting Agenda Items:


1.   Online publishing.   This will require a Program Committee for paper review, a Call for Papers initially distributed to the TCCC membership, a pre-defined theme, perhaps a paper quota, and an acceptance target (I think 'rejection rate' is such a harsh term  :-)  ).  Our discussion then turned to the focus of the paper sources.  Should the initial focus on paper sources come from Academia or Industry? If both, it should be perceived as a 'plus' to the user community, TCCC membership, and Academia.  Care must be taken at the extremes; academic papers must not be so abstract as to limit interest to a narrow group, and industry papers must not explicitly discuss products or competitive advantage themes. (Action Item assigned to TCCC ExCom for E-mail discussions and/or an agenda item for November)


2.  Need to identify who are our TCCC members.  Ellis Nolley has volunteered to create a 'websurvey' to identify our members and tabulate their responses.  Ellis also proposed expanding the 'websurvey' scope to include the entire IEEE Computer Society membership to determine technical interest profile items to aid in TCCC recruitment.  Additional goals include identifying membership background, current positions, and interests proposes that we survey the existing TCCC members to determine their background, position and interests, and use the IEEE Technical Interest  Profile (TIP) items under the Computer Society to gather their  interests. We should also have access to this information directly from the IEEE's membership  database, so we can compare any changes.  Thus, only survey the TCCC  members who are also still IEEE members.  The database idea is to capture this information online and automatically tabulate it. Ellis has requested help from Gary Kessler to investigate 'websurvey' posting and delivery options.  Joe Bumblis will contact John Daniel for the latest TCCC membership database.  Ellis will work together with Gary in terms of getting a database (Access?) behind the survey. (Action Item assigned to Ellis Nolley with help from Gary Kessler and Joe Bumblis)


3.  We discussed performing a search of existing online conferences, Webcasting and chat/whiteboards to identify how others have successfully established these collaborative mediums.  Ellis suggested investigating career-useful outcomes for participation with these mediums to allow people to justify their effort.  For example, publications that satisfy tenure requirements, discussions useful to research/new product development and services, industry and academic collaboration, and new/revised specifications/standards. (Action Item assigned to TCCC ExCom for E-mail discussions and/or an agenda item for November)


4.  Create a draft charter for TCCC ExCom review, comment, and modify/enhancements.  I believe I could supply a draft version for review prior to the next ExCom conference call. (Action Item assigned to: Joe Bumblis)


5.  Establish a majordomo list for the TCCC Executive Committee.  We need an administrator to accomplish this...volunteers???  Any IEEE organization can get Majordomo lists through the IEEE; see: for details. Also see the IEEE E-Mail Policy at:


6.  Investigate the possibility of establishing a Website for posting material, links and collaboration among the ExCom membership - perhaps each ExCom committee member can add to the main-page (treating it as a pseudo-whiteboard) or create their own HTML and link it to the main page.  We may also want to consider getting a website from the IEEE/Computer Society and sharing the password to permit ALL IEEE members access.  This could become a monumental task if it becomes a popular "portal'. If we experience strong growth, we could ask the  IEEE/Computer Society to reset the password to some default password known only by the TCCC ExCom until a discussion can be held regarding administrative assistance.  This "issue" also applies to a Majordomo list. (Action Item assigned to TCCC ExCom for E-mail discussions and/or an agenda item for November)




IEEE organization can obtain and run a website now as long as they adhere to the “Terms & Conditions for Use of the IEEE Web Site” viewable at:  . See for  further details. IEEE privacy policy located at:


7.  Recruiting - grow the TCCC.   Archan felt that we need to identify and quantify what is meant by "recruiting". As Chair of the Wireless Technology area of the TCCC, Archan should have quite a bit of interest from both industry and academia. In the interim, I will contact Archan and have a preliminary discussing regarding recruitment. (Action Item assigned to Joe Bumblis to contact Archan)


8.  Conduct 2-3 conference calls before the general TCCC ExCom meeting in November, with E-mail discussions between teleconferences.  Try to accomplish as much of the agenda as possible before the Face-to-Face meeting so that we can focus on execution details at the meeting. (Action Item assigned to TCCC ExCom for E-mail discussions. Joe Bumblis will coordinate the conference calls)


Please review and comment on the above minutes.  If I do not receive any feedback by March 31, 2004 regarding the contents of the minutes, I will consider the minutes APPROVED. The minutes are now APPROVED as of April 1, 2004.


Thank you,


Joe Bumblis

Chair, TCCC