TCCC Executive Committee meetings minutes:

October 25, 2006


Attending: Archan misra, Joe Bumblis, Jorg Ott and Frank Huebner

Unable to attend: Sunghun Choi, Sajal Das, Sanjeev Rai and Uday Desai.


Archan Misra provided the following:

i) Overview of accomplishments, including selection and widening of ExCom membership, student grants to all major 2006 conferences under TCCC sponsorship (ICNP, WoWMoM and LCN), update and revamping of Web site, support for new conference (WiMob 2007)

ii) outline of major action items, including appointment of Security and Middleware technologies chairs and development of health-care related workshop/conference.


Joe Bumblis: Given the expansion of our activities and ExCom members, we should revisit and update our charter, as needed.

            Action item: TCCC ExCom to review charter and suggest modifications; these will be discussed at face-to-face meeting in Tampa, Nov 2006.


Archan Misra: Start the “Project activities” web page with a goal to producing some preliminary content by end-2006. Jorg Ott mentioned that the number of projects in a specific area would be too numerous, so it is essential to decide on some broad (major and minor classification of research areas) and also subject the submitted entries to some form of screening by the concerned chair. Joe Bumblis said that once the project description pages were up and running, he would coordinate to ensure that the pages were also linked off the TAB pages.

            Action Item: Archan, Jorg and Iqbal to work to create some initial “content” and “template” for 2 selected sub-areas of technology—content could be in the form of concise project descriptions and URL pointers for 4-5 projects. The alpha version of this page will be reviewed by the ExCom at the face-to-face meeting in Tampa, Nov. 2006.


Archan Misra: Start the activities related to “Convergence”. Sanjeev Rai (absent) has volunteered to develop survey and initiate a bi-monthly newsletter on “convergence”.

            Action item: Archan to follow up with Sanjeev to ensure survey is on track—goal is to have some basic questionnaire ready for inspection at face-to-face meeting in Tampa, Nov. 2006.


Joe Bumblis: Need to investigate if committee will have wireless access at Tampa meeting site.

            Action item: Frank  to investigate and coordinate with LCN organizers to set up wireless access at meeting room.


Archan Misra: Need to have a “Become a member” link on the TCCC Web page. As discussed by attendees, the main problem is that there can be no automated “membership” process, because the Web server cannot directly link to the central TECA database.

            Action item: Iqbal to develop a “sample registration form” where submitted entries are sent via email to designated ExCom member. ExCom member will then be responsible for periodically (say, once a week) manually updating TECA via coordination with John Daniel. The responsibility for this process will be delineated at the ExCom face-to-face meeting in Tampa.