IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC)

Meeting Minutes of September 20, 2004


A TCCC ExComm conference call was held on September 20, 2004. The following represents our discussions and information regarding the November 19, 2004 meeting.




Ellis Nolley  (

Archan Misra  ( 

Douglas Comer  (

Howard Salwen  (

Sajal Das  (

Joe Bumblis  (


Unable to attend:


Charles Perkins  (
Sanjay Jha

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Conference Call Agenda:


1. Face-to-face meeting at LCN in Tampa, FL on November 19, 2004

    1.1  What should be our agenda?

            1.1.2  I would like to be sure we continue our on-line publishing


    1.2  Expense report

    1.3  Expectations.

2. Who is planning on attending LCN?

3. Additional TCCC meeting attendees.

4. Any old business

5. Any new business.




1.  We are scheduled for our first face-to-face meeting on Friday, November 19, 2004 in conjunction with the IEEE LCN conference in Tampa, Florida. All TCCC ExComm members will be pre-registered as “VIPs” by Frank Huebner (LAN Finance Chair). However, each TCCC ExComm member needs to:

-  Send Joe Bumblis an E-mail ( indicating if you are attending the LCN conference; and which days and functions you plan to attend.

      - Make your own flight reservations.

      - Contact the hotel for reservations. From the LCN web page (


“Hotel rooms are available for the nights of 15-20 November at a rate of $122 (not including tax) for a single or double room. Hotel registration must be made directly with the hotel. Print out the Hotel Registration Form and mail or fax it directly to the hotel.”


The hotel reservation form is attached to the E-mail carrying these minutes.


- Arrange for ground transportation to/from the conference from/to the Tampa airport. From : “From Tampa International Airport: Take I-275 north to Fowler Avenue and head east at exit #51 (total trip is approximately 17 miles).”


There is a banquet on Thursday (November 18, 2004) evening. All TCCC ExComm members are invited to attend: From ( ) “Banquet at the Rusty Pelican ( ) on Thursday, November 18, 2004. Tampa Bay Buses leave for the restaurant at 17:15 Dinner will be served at 18:30


Attached is the IEEE Computer Society expense form you need to complete and mail to me for approval.


2.  We discussed different ways of communicating to our membership (approximately 4,800 members). We decided to table the discussion until the November meeting.


3. Ellis Nolley suggested the TCCC should have a presence at the LCN to,


a) Have TCCC registration forms at the conference to signup for recruitment, and an invitation to our meeting on Friday, as long as they sign up first. The Computer Society requires TC membership registration via the web at:

I attached a sample of what the page looks like for your review.


b) A way for people to get others to signup (e.g. their colleagues back at their respective locations or professional groups).


Joe Bumblis will print several TCCC enrollment forms to have available at LCN.


4.  We continued our discussions regarding an Online Journal. Several logistic issues need to be finalized including a name. Ellis suggested “IEEE Computer Society Online Journal of Computer Communications” and recommended it be published annually. Several other TCCC ExComm members made recommendations regarding paper recruitment. One such suggestion is to review conference proceedings (such as LCN) for good papers to expand or just republish. The TCCC could offer another publishing venue if authors wanted to expand their papers with additional detail. Thus discussion will be continued in November.


5.   In addition to an on-line journal, the TCCC could also publish an on-line news magazine (perhaps quarterly) to publicize innovative uses of computer communications technology. The publication could be accompanied by an award for the quarter’s “best and most innovative” use of computer communications technology. We (TCCC ExComm) may need to accept a function like technology journalists; i.e. capture the material, send it into an editor who selects, shapes and places it online, and determines the most ‘award-worthy’ submission. This discussion will continue in November.


Please feel free to contact me if you have modifications to the above minutes.


Joe Bumblis

TCCC Chair


Attachments: Hotel Registration Form, Computer Society Expense Report, TCCC Enrollment Form