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TCCC Executive (2008 onwards)

Previous Executive Committee (2006-2007)

Pre-previous Executive Committee (2004-2005)

Pre-previous Executive Committee (before 2004)

Subject to further historic investigations.

Historic Information of IEEE CS TCCC (before 2004)

The IEEE CS TCCC was founded in the mid 1970s upon the upcoming of LANs and communications between nodes. Ethernet and related approaches have seen a majority of support in terms of standards work from the TCCC. Its major flagship conference was since the early days the LCN (IEEE Conference  on Local Area Networks), which was run in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. until its 22nd appearance in 1997. Afterwards, it was held at different locations in the US, moved into Europe and Australia, and sees an alternating location between non-US and US sites. Details on some older LCN conferences can be found here.