International Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing (CEC 2008), Crystal City, USA

Keynote I: Human Interoperability and Net-Centric Environments by Alenka Brown
Keynote II: The Greening of Innovation by Jurij Paraszczak
Keynote III: Business in the Cloud: Opportunities and Challenges of Cloud Computing by Reuven Cohen
Keynote IV: Cloud Computing: An IBM Perspective by Dennis Quan

Keynote I: Human Interoperability and Net-Centric Environments
Alenka Brown

The growing paradigm shift in developing large scale enterprise based on Service-oriented Architecture (SoA) is an inevitable step that will bring about a challenge for us to more rigorously address the "human interoperability" between humans and machines, humans and "computing" communications, and cyber-infrastructure systems. Human Interoperability will become an emergent factor in information sharing transformation across net-centric environments posing new challenges and direction: (a) in developing, operating, and maintaining complex mission-critical autonomous systems, and (b) ensuring a high degree of integrity in the integration, interaction, assurance, and interdependence among systems and human operators in achieving high quality shared awareness and behaviors for decision making capabilities.

Dr. Alenka Brown is Senior Science Advisor and Special Advisor for Human Behaviors to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Networks & Information Integration/ Department of Defense Chief Information Office (ASD(NII)/DoD CIO) under the auspice of the Integrated Information & Communications Technology Support (IIS) Directorate. Her role is on the human interoperability at the international, national and strategic levels concerning policy development and guidance for information integration sharing and adaptation for command, control, and communications across DoD, other USG Agencies, and non-government domains. She serves as the Senior Liaison Advisor to the Defense Agencies and Intelligence Community, and is Director of Human System Development under the National Security Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She initiated the OSD-NII “Human Interoperability Enterprise” initiative and the development of an “integrated behavioral analysis capability” for governance interoperability of social-behavioral models, tools and capabilities. Dr. Brown earned a Ph.D. in Human Factors Engineering (w/an emphasis in cognitive engineering); M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and a B.S. in Computer Science. She is a Certified Human Factors Professional. Dr. Brown is considered one of the foremost experts of micro-behavior communications for: cross-cultural behavior pattern recognition and analysis, negotiations processes, influencing and countermeasures. Her field of knowledge ranges from design and implementation of instrumentation and controls and sensors for nuclear weapons and power, integration of existing capabilities and technologies, biometrics, rapid assessment of human response, vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures, systems of systems integration, IED, to Hard and Deeply Buried Targets (HDBT), and other domains.

Keynote II: The Greening of Innovation
Jurij Paraszczak

As the world's resources such as water energy and food become more constrained, the importance of IT to help in the efficient use of these resources is increasing. This talk will focus on the methods and approaches that IBM is taking to manage power in data centers, to minimize the carbon footprint of a supply chain, to manage water supplies and other resources through the use of improved hardware and software technologies.

Jurij Paraszczak is currently director of IBM Research Industry Solutions and Relationship Manager to the Venture Capital group. In this role Jurij works to integrate IBM Research technologies with that of VC's portfolio companies, ISVs and partners to create end to end solutions. In addition by focusing these solutions on specific industries and integrating technologies from around the world, especially from emerging geographies, the Research team builds a strong ecosystem which helps create opportunity for the partnership of portfolio companies, VCs, ISVs and IBM and provides business and technology insight from around the world. Jurij has over 55 publications in various areas of telecommunications, technology and systems and over 16 patents in a wide variety of fields including communications, plasma chemistry, microlithography, materials manipulation and chip fabrication, packaging systems, media delivery and characterisation, Jurij has a broad experience to draw on to help span a wide variety of disciplines and to synthesise new approaches to old problems. Jurij obtained his BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Sheffield in England and worked in a postdoctoral position at the University of Wisconsin Madison identifying the nature of gamma radiation induced trapped electrons in hydrocarbons before joining IBM.

Keynote III: Business in the Cloud: Opportunities and Challenges of Cloud Computing
Reuven Cohen

This keynote is intended to discuss opportunities and challenges in the emerging cloud computing space. Cloud computing is a popular new computing model based on the concept of taking underutilized or unevenly distributed computing power on a regional basis, and allowing it to be treated uniformly and billed / consumed as a utility. Reuven will share his extensive experience in the cloud computing space, which stretching almost 5 years with the creation of the open source Enomalism elastic computing platform as well as his early involvement with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. The presentation will cover his practical experiences maximizing computing efficiency by deploying a hybrid cloud computing model which bridges traditional IT and the need to securely access external compute capacity within an on demand environment. The presentation will examine some of the critical technologies, challenges and, opportunities available for deploying your next application in "The Cloud".

Reuven is the founder & chief technologist for Toronto based Enomaly Inc. Enomaly is the leading developer of Cloud computing products and solutions focused on enterprise businesses. Enomaly enables enterprises to realize the benefits of cloud computing by delivering turn-key IT solutions that help in the use and migration to remote cloud computing resources. Enomaly's products include the Enomalism elastic computing platform, an open source cloud platform that enables a scalable enterprise IT and local cloud infrastructure platform. Enomaly's customers including Intel, Best Buy, France Telecom / Orange as well as many smaller organizations. Reuven is a thought leader in the emerging cloud computing industry and maintains a blog at

Keynote IV: Cloud Computing: An IBM Perspective
Dennis Quan

Cloud Computing is, from the consumer's perspective, a vision of network-based applications and services made available to users through a variety of connected devices. At the same time, it is a model for constructing massively-scalable data centers for efficiently running next generation Internet applications across potentially hundreds of thousands of machines. This talk will describe IBM's approach to fostering the dual-faceted Cloud Computing space over the past 3 years, including our widely-publicized partnership with Google, and examine some of the challenges that lie ahead in bringing the vision to reality.

Dennis Quan is Director of UI Development in IBM's Autonomic Computing division, responsible for the user experience of IBM's Tivoli products. He launched the IBM/Google Cloud Computing partnership announced in October 2007 to empower the next generation of engineers with Cloud Computing resources and skills. Dennis was also instrumental in the creation of the IBM Blue Cloud initiative announced in November 2007, a multi-year effort spanning software, hardware, and services offerings for supporting clients' adoption of Cloud Computing technologies. His work on Cloud Computing has been widely covered in BusinessWeek, the journal Nature, and major trade publications. Previously, Dennis held various technical leadership positions within IBM, including CTO of the IBM High Performance On Demand Solutions group, development manager for IBM DataPower's XML Technologies team, and research scientist and manager of the High Performance SOA department at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. Dennis holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics, also from MIT.