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Test Technology Technical Committee Member   General Areas of Technical Interest
Miron Abramovici, CTO - DAFCA, Inc. Email digital system testing and testable design, reconfigurable computing
John M. Acken , Intel Email encryption, digital watermarking, convergence of computing and communication, digital security, data integrity, electronic identification, web based everything, IC Testing, IDDQ testing, Fault Modeling, CMOS design, Logic Synthesis, Verification, DFT, fault tolerant security issues, and Whirled Peas
Rob Aitken , Hewlett-Packard Co. Email DFT, IDDQ testing, fault diagnosis, synthesis for testability, fault modeling and test effectiveness
Hussain Al-Asaad , Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis Email Design verification, testing, fault-tolerant computing
Kurt J. Antreich , Professor and Head, Institute of Electronic Design Automation, Technical University of Munich Email logic and architecture synthesis, analysis and optimization of analog components, layout synthesis, simulation and verification, test pattern generation
Prof. Dr. Erich Barke , University of Hanover, Hanover, Germany   EDA, Verification, Test, Fault Emulation
Bernd Becker , Institute of Computer Science, University Freiburg   test (ATPG, DFT), synthesis, verification of VLSI circuits
Dr R G "Ben" Bennetts , Bennetts Associates   DFT, Boundary Scan, BIST, Scan
Melvin A. Breuer , Charles Lee Powell Professor of Computer Engineering, University of Southern California Email Built-in self-test, design-for-test, ATPG, crosstalk "faults", intelligible testing, application oriented testing, effective yield
Kenneth M. Butler , Texas Instruments   ATPG, design for test, fault and defect modeling, automated diagnosis, test quality, test economics
Krishnendu Chakrabarty , Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University Email SoC Test, BIST, distributed sensor networks, embedded RTOS, architectural optimization of microelectrofluidic systems
Shih-Chieh Chang , National Chung-Cheng University, Taiwan, R.O.C. Email Design for Test, ATPG, BIST
Professor Kwang-Ting (Tim) Cheng , University of California, Santa Barbara Email VLSI Testing, Verification and Synthesis
Bruce F. Cockburn, Ph.D. , University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Email memory test, BIST, design for testability, multilevel DRAM
Fulvio Corno , Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy Email ATPG, BIST, Testable Synthesis, Formal Verification
Bernard Courtois , TIMA/CMP Email Testing circuits and systems, analog and mixed-signal testing, thermal testing, MEMS testing
Peter Dahlgren , Associate Professor, Chalmers University, Sweden Email Fault simulation, ATPG, Transistor-level fault modeling, Logic simulation/validation, Error-detection
Joe Damore , Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM, DATC Newsletter Editor and Secretary Email Computer oriented techniques in all aspects of the design process of computers and electronic systems, with particular emphasis on design languages, logic synthesis, verification techniques, manufacturing interface data, graphics and database management; Design Automation Technical Committee
Sujit Dey , Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, San Diego Email Design, Validation and Test for Hardware-Software Embedded Systems, Design and Test for Ultra Deep Sub Micron, VLSI CAD
Martin H. Eastburn , Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc. Email Memory devices, DIMMs, DRAMS, IC and Module designs.
Khaled Elleithy , Associate Professor, King Fahd University, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia   CAD, Formal Verification, High Level Synthesis
Michele Favalli , DI - University of Ferrara Email IC's design, simulation and testing, Self-checking and fault tolerant circuits
F. Joel Ferguson , Associate Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz Email DFM/DFT of modern IC technologies, Defects in CMOS ICs, Fault models
Paulo Flores , IST/INESC - Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal Email ATPG, BIST, Test optimization, Formal Verification, VHDL Synthesis
W. Kent Fuchs , School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University Email Diagnosis and Failure Analysis -- CAD Tools for Testing and Failure; Analysis in Integrated Circuits; Recovery from Failures -- Mobile Computing, Active Networks, High Performance Computing
Prof. Franco Fummi , Dipartimento di Informatica, Universita` di Verona Email automatic test pattern generation, functional testing, BIST
Hideo Fujiwara , Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Nara, Japan   Test Generation, Design for Testability, (High Level/Logic) Synthesis for Testability, Built-In Self-Test
Clay Gloster, Jr. , PhD, PE, Professor, North Carolina State University Email Reconfigurable/Adaptive Computing, High Performance Digital Signal Processing, Design for Testability, Built-In Self-Test, and Partial Scan
Dr. Robert B. Grafton , Program Director, Design Automation Program in the C-CR Division, National Science Foundation   VLSI Design Automation and Manufacturing test
Arne Halaas , Professor, Dept. of Computer and Information Science, Faculty of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Email HW/SW solutions for high-performance search engines
Dong S. Ha , Associate Professor, Virginia Tech Email ATPG, Fault Simulation, Test Synthesis
John P. Hayes , University of Michigan Email (1) Digital System Design: testing methods, built-in self-test (BIST), design verification, logic synthesis, computer-aided design (CAD) techniques.
(2) Computer Architecture: reliable/fault-tolerant systems, parallel processing, embedded architectures.
(3) VLSI (Very Large-scale Integrated) Circuits: physical design and layout techniques, systems-on-a-chip.
Sybille Hellebrand , Division of Computer Architecture, University of Stuttgart Email BIST, Synthesis for BIST, on-line test
Michael Hsiao , Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University Email Computer-aided design and design automation, VLSI Testing, Design Verification, Fault Diagnosis, Design for Testability
Jiun-Lang Huang , Research Assistant, ECE Department, UCSB Email VLSI testing, analog/mixed-signal fault simulation, testing, and BIST
Axel Hunger , Prof. Dr.-Ing., University of Duisburg Email test, simulation, multimedia, curriculum design
Andre Ivanov , Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia Email Areas of interest: analog and mixed signal testing, BIST, DFT (analog and digital)
Vikram Iyengar , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   BIST, Embedded-core test, Design Verification of Microprocessors.
Axel Jantsch, , Associate Professor Email System level design and validation, HW/SW Codesign
Niraj K Jha, Ph.D. , Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544 Email Test generation and design for testability at register-transfer, behavior and system-on-a-chip levels.
Neil Kelly , Chief Technologist, LTX Corporation, Westwood MA   Mixed signal test, Windows software
Haluk Konuk , Ph.D., Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA   Defect modeling, delay testing, DFT, fault(defect) simulation, ATPG
David L. Landis , Ph.D., P.E., The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA Email Digital System Design and Test, Rapid System Prototyping
Ron Leckie , INFRASTRUCTURE Email Test Technology, Test Hardware, Test Software, and Technology Marketing.
Donald H. Lenhert , Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Kansas State University Email Testing of digital systems; built-in self-test; IDDQ testing; microprocessor applications
Dr. Karen Panetta Lentz , Dept of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Tufts University Email Simulation, fault simulation and multimedia
Martin Margala , Ph.D., U. of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada Email Low-Power Low-Voltage Mixed-Signal Design and Testing, VLSI
Joao Marques-Silva , Technical University of Lisbon, IST/INESC/CEL Email Test Pattern Generation and Optimization, Problems in Testing, Application of Discrete Optimization Models and Algorithms to Design Automation, Boolean Satisfiability and Integer Optimization
Meryem Marzouki , Researcher with the CNRS, LIP6/ASIM Lab., Paris, France Email System Test and Diagnosis, Synthesis for Testability, SoC Testing
Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Mertin , University of Duisburg Email Development of contactless test systems for circuit internal tests (EBEAM, E.-O.Sampling, Scanning Force Microscopy, Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy)
Assoc. Prof. Liviu Cristian MICLEA, Ph.D. , Tech. Univ. Cluj-Napoca, Romania   DFT, CAE, ATPG
Cecilia Metra , DEIS - University of Bologna Email hardware fault-tolerance, on-line testing, self-checking circuit design, FPGA testing, low-power designs
Subhasish Mitra , Center For Reliable Computing, Stanford University Email Digital testing and design/synthesis for testability, Logic synthesis, Fault-tolerance and Reconfigurable systems.
Professor Takashi Nanya , University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Email Fault-Tolerant Computing, Concurrent Checking, Asynchronous Circuits/Systems Design
Victor P. Nelson , Auburn University Email EDA, MCM Test, DFT, Computer Architecture
Phil Nigh , Test Development Engineering, IBM Microelectronics Email defect-based testing, test methods, structural/functional testing, BIST, reliability screening, fault diagnosis
Franc Novak , Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia Email test and diagnosis, DFT, BIST, mixed-signal test
Ondrej Novak , Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic Email BIST, test pattern generation, linear codes
Prof. Zebo Peng , Linkoping University, Sweden Email design and test of embedded systems, design for testability, test synthesis, and hardware/software co-design.
Vincenzo PIURI , Department of Electronics and Information Politecnico di Milano Email computer architecture, computer arithmetic, parallel and distributed systems, neural network architectures, fault tolerance in arithmetic systems, coding, high-level synthesis, fault tolerant computing, fault tolerant distribute file systems, soft computing, neural networks for signal/image processing, neural networks for identification and control.
Irith Pomeranz , Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Iowa Email Test generation, fault diagnosis, design-for-testability, built-in self-test, synthesis and verification of VLSI circuits.
Anand Raghunathan , Research Staff Member, NEC USA C&C Research Labs Email ATPG, DFT, System-on-Chip testing, design validation
Professor Robert Redinbo , Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California Email Fault-tolerant computing, testing, protecting high-speed signal processing and application specific integrated circuits, testing and protection of error-correcting and detecting circuits
Gordon Roberts , Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, McGill University Email Mixed-Signal Testing, Mixed-Signal BIST, Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design
Gordon D Robinson , Sr Member Technical Staff, Credence Systems Corporation Email ATE, Software, Design and Test Cooperation
Dan Romanchik , Technical Writer and Editor Email ATE, instrumentation, ham radio, bicycling
Elizabeth M. Rudnick , University of Illinois, Urbana, IL   ATPG, design verification, fault diagnosis, DFT, VLSI design automation
Jacob Savir , New Jersey Institute of Technology Email Test generation, Fault Simulation, Built-In Self-Test, Design for Testability
Prof. Micaela Serra , Dept. of C SC, Univ. of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada Email Testing, Hardware/Software Codesign
Sharad Seth , University of Nebraska-Lincoln Email design verification, synthesis for testability, tester data analysis for device quality estimation
Piotr R. Sidorowicz M.A. , University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2L3G1 CANADA   Memory Testing, Asynchronous Circuit Design
Dr. Matteo Sonza Reorda , Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy Email ATPG, BIST, Low-Power Testing, Fault Tolerant Design, Formal Verification
Dr. Zoran Stamenkovic , IHP, Im Technologiepark 25 Email Computer-Aided Design and Test of Integrated Circuits and Systems
Dr. Bernd Steinbach , Professor and Head of Institute of Computer Science, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology Email efficient solution of large Boolean problems, synthesis for testability, test pattern generation, verification, logic synthesis, analysis and optimization of digital components, test of software systems
Ramesh Tekumalla , Sun Microsystems Email Delay Fault testing, Embedded Core Testing, Sequential Logic Synthesis and optimization, CAD Algorithms, Fault Tolerance
Nur A. Touba , Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Austin, TX Email Design-for-Test, BIST, Core Testing, Reconfigurable Computing
Enrico Tronci, Ph.D. , University of L'Aquila, Coppito 67100 L'Aquila, ITALY Email Formal Methods, Model Checking, Embedded Systems, Discrete Event Systems
Raymond Ubar, Ph.D , Technical University of Tallinn, Estonia Email CAD, ATPG, DFT
Shambhu Upadhyaya , SUNY at Buffalo Email Random Testing, BIST, Memory Testing and Synthesis, Analog Systems Diagnosis
Burnell G West , Engineering Advisor, Schlumberger ATE Email Test System Architecture, Precision Timing, CAE, IC Development, ITC
Chin-Long Wey , Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State University Email Test and fault diagnosis of analog/mixed-signal circuits.
Mike W.T. WONG , Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Email Testing and fault diagnosis of analog and mixed-signal circuits, DFTs, fault tolerant design of digital systems
Angus K. M. Wu , EDA Center, Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong Email analog circuit test synthesis, low power vlsi, statistical power electronic design
Cheng-Wen Wu , Dept. Electrical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University Email Design and test of VLSI cores and systems
Hans-Joachim Wunderlich , Computer Architecture, University of Stuttgart Email BIST, test, fault-tolerance, SoC, online-test
Teruhiko Yamada , Professor, Meiji University, Japan   Defect and Fault Model, Test & Diagnosis, DFT
Dr Julian Yeandel , Senior IC Designer, Xemics SA Email Integrated Circuit testing, fault location and fault tolerant design, low power digital Design.

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