WS1: Workshop on Engineering of Multicore Based Systems (EMBS)

Chair: Miroslav Popovic

The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for a discussion and informal exchange of ideas in the area of multicores and parallel programming, based on two interactive presentations intentionally dominated by Q&A in the second part of each presentation.

Tentative agenda:

  1. "Teaching multicore programming to mobile and embedded developers: why and how?" by Paul Guermonprez, Intel Academic Program.
  2. "On auto parallelization of sequential code" by V. Marinkovic, N. Vranic, M. Djukic, N. Cetic, M. Krunic, and M. Popovic, University of Novi Sad.

WS2: Workshop on the Engineering of Autonomic & Autonomous (EASe)

Chair: Roy Sterritt

EASe 2012 will be the 9th formal IEEE sponsored meeting dedicated to formulating and advancing methods, techniques and tools for the engineering of autonomic and autonomous systems. Detailed information about EASe 2012 is available here:

9th IEEE International Conference and Workshops on the Engineering of Autonomic & Autonomous

WS3: Workshop on Model Based Development (MBD)

Chair:Jonathan Sprinkle

This workshop focuses on the scientific and practical aspects of model-based development (models, processes, methods, and tools) for supporting the construction of computer based systems. Detailed information about MBD 2012 is available here: