Paper Awards Session

Tuesday, June 23

Time: 5:00-6:35

Location: Sparkle East

Session Chair: Michael Black

Awards Ceremony will be held after the Paper Presentations.

Best Paper:

  • Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior (Kaiming He (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Jian Sun (Microsoft Research Asia), Xiaoou Tang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong))

Best Paper - Honorable Mention:

  • Understanding and evaluating blind deconvolution algorithms (Anat Levin (MIT & Weizmann Institute), Yair Weiss (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Fredo Durand (MIT), Bill Freeman (MIT and Adobe))

Best Student Paper:

  • Nonparametric Scene Parsing: Label Transfer via Dense Scene Alignment (Ce Liu (MIT), Jenny Yuen (MIT), Antonio Torralba (MIT))

Best Student Paper - Honorable Mention:

  • A Tensor-Based Algorithm for High-Order Graph Matching (Olivier Duchenne (Ecole Normale Superieure), Francis Bach (INRIA - ENS), In So Kweon (KAIST), Jean Ponce (Ecole Normale Superieure)).

Longuet-Higgins Award

Longuet-Higgins Prize for Fundamental Contributions in Computer Vision is will be awarded at CVPR 2009 for papers that have “withstood the test of time.” Named after H. Christopher Longuet-Higgins, this award aims to recognize papers from CVPR meeting of 10 years back (ie. CVPR 1999) that have had a fundamental impact on the field of Computer Vision. More specifically, “The contribution of Longuet-Higgins to computer vision and pattern recognition was a series of sudden and pinpoint advances resulting from extended scholarship rather than an accretion of archived output.  Thus the Longuet-Higgins prize rewards an individual advance, represented by a single conference paper—underlining the special role of conference publications as the harbingers of innovation in this discipline.” This award was established in 2005.

At CVPR 2009, two papers from CVPR 1999 will be awarded the Longuet-Higgins Prize for Fundamental Contributions in Computer Vision:

  • Jinggang Huang, David Mumford, “Statistics of Natural Images and Models,” cvpr, vol. 1, pp.1541, 1999 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR’99) - Volume 1, 1999
  • Chris Stauffer, W.E.L. Grimson, “Adaptive Background Mixture Models for Real-Time Tracking,” cvpr, vol. 2, pp.2246, 1999 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR’99) - Volume 2, 1999

 The prize is selected by a small committee, drawn from across the field by the conference chairs, and as far as possible excluding those who were authors of papers in the source conference. Here is a list of previous award winners.

Best Demos

  • “Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape”, Micah K. Johnson, Edward H. Adelson
  • “Robust feature matching in 2.3 µs”, Simon Taylor, Edward Rosten, Tom Drummond

Outstanding Reviewer Awards:

We are pleased to award the following fifteen researchers as “Outstanding Reviewers for CVPR 2009″. These reviewers were selected from over 700 reviewers for their hard work in providing detailed reviews for the papers assigned to them. These top ranked 15 reviewers were identified by one or more of the CVPR Area Chairs, who found their reviews of high quality. Review load was also accounted for in this decision (reviewers with low review loads were discounted). We identified these reviewers separately depending on if they were senior students or senior researchers.

Graduate Students:

  • Liu, Ce (MIT)
  • Mateus, Diana (TUM)
  • Schoenemann, Thomas (U Bonn)
  • Tai, Yu-Wing (NU Singapore)
  • Wojek, Christian (TU Darmstadt)


  • Everingham, Mark (Leeds)
  • Laptev, Ivan (INRIA)
  • Levoy, Marc (Stanford)
  • Leibe, Bastian (Aachen)
  • Pajdla, Tomas (Czech TU)
  • Saund, Eric (Xerox)
  • Schlesinger, Dmitrij (TU Dresden)
  • Siddiqi, Kaleem (McGill)
  • Torresani, Lorenzo (Dartmouth)
  • Verbeek, Jakob (INRIA)

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