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Title Author(s)
Micro Phase Shifting Mohit Gupta; Shree Nayar
On Multiple Foreground Cosegmentation Gunhee Kim; Eric Xing
Face detection, pose estimation, and landmark localization in the wild Xiangxin Zhu; Deva Ramanan
Supervised Hashing with Kernels Wei Liu; Jun Wang; Rongrong Ji; Yu-Gang Jiang; Shih-Fu Chang
A Closed-Form Solution to Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo via Diffuse Maxima Thoma Papadhimitri; Paolo Favaro
Camera Spectral Sensitivity Estimation from a Single Image under Unknown Illumination by using Fluorescence Shuai Han; Yasuyuki Matsushita; Imari Sato; Takahiro Okabe; Yoichi Sato
Street-to-Shop: Cross-Scenario Clothing Retrieval via Parts Alignment and Auxiliary Set Si Liu; Zheng Song; Guangcan LIU; Changsheng Xu; Hanqing Lu; Shuicheng YAN
Detecting activities of daily living in first-person camera views Hamed Pirsiavash; Deva Ramanan
Weakly Supervised Structured Output Learning for Semantic Segmentation Alexander Vezhnevets; Vittorio Ferrari; Joachim Buhmann
Progressive Graph Matching: Making a Move of Graphs via Probabilistic Voting Minsu Cho; Kyoung Mu Lee
From Pixels to Physics: Probabilistic Color De-rendering Ying Xiong; Kate Saenko; Trevor Darrell; Todd Zickler
Discriminative Illumination: Per-Pixel Classification of Raw Materials based on Optimal Projections of Spectral BRDF Jinwei Gu; Chao Liu
Contextual Boost for Pedestrian Detection Yuanyuan Ding; Jing Xiao
Face Alignment by Explicit Shape Regression Xudong Cao; Yichen Wei; Fang Wen; Jian Sun
Accidental images within indoor scenes Antonio Torralba; Bill Freeman
On Template-Based Reconstruction from a Single View: Analytical Solutions and Proofs of Well-Posedness for Developable, Isometric and Conformal Surfaces Adrien Bartoli; Yan G¨¦rard; François Chadebecq
Jigsaw Puzzles with Pieces of Unknown Orientation Andrew Gallagher
Understanding Collective Crowd Behaviors:Learning Mixture Model of Dynamic Pedestrian-Agents Bolei Zhou; Xiaogang Wang
Learning Rotation-Aware Features: From Invariant Priors to Equivariant Descriptors Uwe Schmidt; Stefan Roth
Are we ready for Autonomous Driving? Andreas Geiger; Philip Lenz; Raquel Urtasun
General and Nested Wiberg Minimization Dennis Strelow
Decomposing Global Light Transport using Time of Flight Imaging Di Wu; Ramesh Raskar; Amit Agrawal; Andreas Velten; Matthew O'Toole
Curvature-Based Regularization for Surface Approximation Carl Olsson; Yuri Boykov
Max-Margin Early Event Detectors Minh Hoai; Fernando DelaTorre
Geodesic Flow Kernel for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Boqing Gong; Yuan Shi; Fei Sha; Kristen Grauman
Teaching 3D Geometry to Deformable Part Models Bojan Pepik; Michael Stark; Peter Gehler; Bernt Schiele
Surface Regions of Interest for Viewpoint Selection George Leifman; Elizabeth Shtrom; Ayellet Tal
The Shape Boltzmann Machine: a Strong Model of Object Shape Seyed Mohammadali Eslami; Nicolas Heess; John Winn
Query Sensitive Binary Code Ranking Xiao Zhang; Lei Zhang; Heung-Yeung Shum
A-Optimal Non-negative Projection for Image Representation Zheng Yang; Haifeng Liu
Finding Animals: Semantic Segmentation using Regions and Parts Pablo Arbelaez; Bharath Hariharan; Chunhui Gu; Saurabh Gupta; Lubomir Bourdev; Jitendra Malik
A Unified Approach to Salient Object Detection via Low Rank Matrix Recovery Xiaohui Shen; Ying Wu
Pedestrian detection at 100 frames per second Rodrigo Benenson; Markus Mathias; Radu Timofte; Luc Van Gool
Video from Nearly Still: an Application to Low Frame-rate Gait Recognition Naoki Akae; Al Mansur; Yasushi Makihara; Yasushi Yagi
Stream-based Joint Exploration-Exploitation Active Learning Chen Change Loy; Timothy Hospedales; Tao Xiang; Shaogang Gong
Affine-Invariant, Elastic Shape Analysis of Planar Contours Darshan Bryner; Eric Klassen; Anuj Srivastava
Robust Visual Tracking via Multi-Task Sparse Learning Tianzhu Zhang; Bernard Ghanem; Narendra Ahuja
Discriminative Virtual Views for Cross-View Action Recognition Ruonan Li; Todd Zickler
Nonrigid Structure-from-Motion Factorization Made Easy Yuchao Dai; Hongdong Li; Mingyi He
Autonomous Cleaning of Corrupted Scanned Documents - A Generative Modeling Approach Zhenwen Dai; Jörg Lücke
Stochastic Gradient on the Grassmannian for Online Foreground and Background Separation in Subsampled Video Laura Balzano; Arthur Szlam; Jun He
Beyond Spatial Pyramids: Receptive Field Learning for Pooled Image Features Yangqing Jia; Chang Huang; Trevor Darrell
A Theory of Flat Refractive Geometry Amit Agrawal; Visesh Chari; Srikumar Ramalingam; Yuichi Taguchi
An Online Learned CRF Model for Multi-Target Tracking Bo Yang; Ram Nevatia
What Are We Looking For: Towards Statistical Modeling of Saccadic Eye Movements and Visual Saliency Xiaoshuai Sun; Hongxun Yao; Rongrong Ji; xianming Liu; Pengfei Xu
We are not Contortionist: Coupled Adaptive Learning for Head and Body Orientation Estimation in Surveillance Video Cheng Chen; Jean-Marc Odobez
Connected Contours: a Contour Completion Model that respects Closure-Effect Yansheng Ming; Hongdong Li; Xuming He
Large-scale image classification with trace-norm regularization Zaid Harchaoui; Matthijs Douze; Mattis Paulin; Miko Dudik; Jerome Malick


Title Author(s)
Multi-View Latent Variable Discriminative Models For Action Recognition Yale Song; Louis-Philippe Morency; Randall Davis
Aligning Images in the Wild Daniel Lin; Linlin Liu; Yasuyuki Matsushita; Kok Lim Low; Siying Liu
Detection by Detections: Non-parametric Detector Adaptation for a Video Xiaoyu Wang; Gang Hua; Tony Han
Recognizing Scene Viewpoint using Panoramic Place Representation Jianxiong Xiao; Krista Ehinger; Aude Oliva; Antonio Torralba
Boosting Bottom-up and Top-down Visual Features for Saliency Estimation Ali Borji
Three things everyone should know to improve object retrieval Relja Arandjelovic; Andrew Zisserman
Multi-Target Tracking by Online Learning of Non-linear Motion Patterns and Robust Appearance Models Bo Yang; Ram Nevatia
Learning Attention Map from Images Yao Lu
Learning Robust and Discriminative Multi-Instance Distance for Cost Effective Video Classification Hua Wang; Feiping Nie; Heng Huang
See All by Looking at A Few: Sparse Modeling for Finding Representative Objects Ehsan Elhamifar; Guillermo Sapiro; Rene Vidal
Towards Compact Topical Descriptors Ling-Yu Duan; Rongrong Ji; Jie Chen; Wen Gao
Sharing Features in Multi-class Boosting via Group Sparsity Sakrapee Paisitkriangkrai; Chunhua Shen; Anton van den Hengel
Conditional Regression Forests for Human Pose Estimation Min Sun; Pushmeet Kohli; Jamie Shotton
Multi-Class Cosegmentation Armand Joulin; Francis Bach; Jean Ponce
Discrete-Continuous Optimization for Multi-Target Tracking Anton Andriyenko; Konrad Schindler; Stefan Roth
A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Globally Optimal Hand-Eye Calibration Jan Heller; Michal Havlena; Tomas Pajdla
An Efficient Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Optimal Human Pose Estimation Min Sun; Murali Telaprolu; Honglak Lee; Silvio Savarese
Pose Pooling Kernels for Sub-category Recognition Ning Zhang, Ryan Farrell, Trevor Darrell
A Database for Fine Grained Activity Detection of Cooking Activities Marcus Rohrbach; Sikandar Amin; Micha Andriluka; Bernt Schiele
A Physically-based Approach to Reflection Separation Naejin Kong; Yu-Wing Tai; Sung Yong Shin
Isogeometric Finite-Elements Methods and Variational Reconstruction Tasks in Vision - A Perfect Match Jonathan Balzer; Thomas Moerwald
Modulation Transfer Function of Patch-Based Stereo Systems+C26 Ronny Klowsky; Arjan Kuijper; Michael Goesele
Evaluation of Super-Voxel Methods for Early Video Processing Chenliang Xu; Jason Corso
Contour-based Recognition Yong Xu; Yuhui Quan; Zhuming Zhang; Morimichi Nishigaki; Hui Ji; Cornelia Fermuller; Daniel Dementhon
Motion-aware noise filtering for deblurring of noisy and blurry image Yu-Wing Tai; Stephen Lin
Improved Subspace Clustering via Exploitation of Spatial Constraints Duc-Son Pham; Budhaditya Saha; Dinh Phung; Svetha Venkatesh
Scalable Action Recognition with a Subspace Forest Stephen O'Hara; Bruce Draper
The Vitruvian Manifold: Learned Dense Correspondences for 3D Human Pose Estimation Jonathan Taylor; Jamie Shotton; Andrew Fitzgibbon
Edge-Preserving Photometric Stereo via Depth Fusion Qing Zhang; Mao Ye; Ruigang Yang; Yasuyuki Matsushita; Bennett Wilburn; Huimin Yu
Identigram/Watermark removal using cross-channel correlation Jaesik Park; Yu-Wing Tai; InSo Kweon
General Trajectory Prior for Non-Rigid Reconstruction Jack Valmadre; SIMON LUCEY
An Optimized DBN-Based Mode-Focussing Particle filter Séverine Dubuisson; Christophe Gonzales
Figure-ground segmentation by transferring window masks Daniel Kuettel; Vittorio Ferrari
Nonlinear Camera Response Functions and Image Deblurring SunYeong Kim; Yu-Wing Tai; Seon Joo Kim; Michael Brown; Yasuyuki Matsushita
Hierarchical Face Parsing via Deep Learning Ping Luo; Xiaogang Wang; Xiaoou Tang
A Non-Local Cost Aggregation Method for Stereo Matching Qingxiong Yang
Locally Orderless Tracking Shaul Oron; Aharon Bar Hillel; Dan Levi; Shai Avidan
Facial Expression Editing in Video Fei Yang; Lubomir Bourdev; Eli Shechtman; Jue Wang; Dimitris Metaxas
Structure From Motion with Points, Objects, and Regions Yingze Bao; Johnny Chao; Mohit Bagra; Silvio Savarese
Spatial Bias in Multi-Atlas Based Segmentation Hongzhi Wang; Paul Yushkevich
Cache-efficient graph cuts on structured grids Ondrej Jamriska; Daniel Sykora; Alexander Hornung
A Flow Model for Joint Action Recognition and Identity Maintenance Sameh Khamis; Vlad Morariu; Larry Davis
Discriminately Decreasing Discriminability with Learned Image Filters Jacob Whitehill; Javier Movellan
Augmenting Deformable Part Models with Irregular-shaped Object Patches Roozbeh Mottaghi
Learning the Right Model: Efficient Max-Margin Learning in Laplacian CRFs Dhruv Batra; Ashutosh Saxena
Social Interactions: A First-person Perspective Alireza Fathi; Jessica Hodgins; James Rehg
KNN Matting Qifeng Chen; Dingzeyu Li; Chi-keung Tang
Practical Low-Rank Matrix Approximation under Robust \(L_{1}\)-Norm Yinqiang Zheng; Guangcan LIU; Shigeki Sugimoto; Shuicheng YAN; Masatoshi Okutomi
Computing Nearest-Neighbor Fields via Propagation-Assisted KD-Trees Kaiming He; Jian Sun
2D/3D Rotation-Invariant Detection using Equivariant Filters and Kernel Weighted Mapping Kun Liu; Qing Wang; Wolfgang Driever ; Thomas Brox; Olaf Ronneberger
Automated Reconstruction of Tree Structures using Path Classifiers and Mixed Integer Programming Engin Turetken; Fethallah Benmansour; Pascal Fua
Covariance Discriminative Learning: A Natural and Efficient Approach to Image Set Classification Ruiping Wang; Huimin Guo; Larry Davis; Qionghai Dai
Leveraging Stereopsis for Saliency Analysis Yuzhen Niu; Yujie Geng ; Xueqing Li; Feng Liu
Estimating the Aspect Layout of Object Categories Yu Xiang; Silvio Savarese
l21 Regularized Correntropy for Robust Feature Selection Ran He; Tieniu Tan; Liang Wang; Wei-Shi Zheng
Multi-Pedestrian Detection in Crowded Scenes: A Global View Junjie Yan; Zhen Lei; Dong Yi; Stan.Z. Li
Power SVM: Generalization with Exemplar Classification Uncertainty Weiyu Zhang; Stella Yu
Parameter-free/Pareto-driven Procedural 3D Reconstruction of Buildings from Ground-Level Sequences Loic Simon; Olivier Teboul; Panagiotis Koutsourakis; Luc Van Gool; Nikos Paragios
Active Image Clustering: Seeking Constraints from Humans to Complement Algorithms Arijit Biswas; David Jacobs
Submodular Dictionary Learning for Sparse Coding Zhuolin Jiang; Guangxiao Zhang; Larry Davis
Generalized Hierarchical Matching for Image Classification Qiang Chen; Zheng Song; Yang Hua; Zhongyang Huang; Shuicheng YAN
Action Bank: A High-Level Representation of Activity in Video Sreemanananth Sadanand; Jason Corso
Small Sample Scene Categorization from Perceptual Relations Ilan Kadar; Ohad Ben-Shahar
The Scale of Edges Changhu Wang
Generalized Multiview Analysis: A Discriminative Latent Space Abhishek Sharma; abhishek Kumar; hal Daume III; David Jacobs
Efficient Structure Detection via Random Consensus Graph Hairong Liu; Shuicheng YAN
Efficient Inference for Fully-Connected CRFs with Stationarity Yimeng Zhang; Tsuhan Chen
Refractive Height Fields from Single and Multiple Images Qi Shan; Sameer Agarwal; Brian Curless
Multi-Attribute Spaces for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization and Similarity Search Walter Scheirer; Neeraj Kumar; Terrance Boult; Peter Belhumeur
Robust Visual Domain Adaptation with Low-Rank Reconstruction I-Hong Jhuo; Dong Liu; Shih-Fu Chang; Der-Tsai Lee
Learning Shared Body Plans Ian Endres; Derek Hoiem; Vivek Srikumar; Ming-Wei Chang
Discriminative Feature Fusion for Image Classification Basura Fernando; Elisa Fromont; Damien Muselet; Marc Sebban
Efficient Object Detection using Cascades of Nearest Convex Model Classifiers Hakan Cevikalp; Bill Triggs
Building a Dictionary of Image Fragments Zicheng Liao; Ali Farhadi; Yang Wang; Ian Endres; David Forsyth
A Learning Based Framework for Depth Ordering Zhaoyin Jia; andrew Gallagher; yao-Jen Chang; Tsuhan Chen
Finite Element based Sequential Bayesian Non-Rigid Structure from Motion Antonio Agudo; Begoña Calvo; J. M. M. Montiel
Occlusion Reasoning for Object Detection under Arbitrary Viewpoint Edward Hsiao; Martial Hebert
Manifold Guided Composite of Markov Random Fields for Image Modeling Dahua Lin; John Fisher III
Articulated Pose Estimation with Parts Connectivity using Discriminative Local Oriented Contours Norimichi Ukita
Learning Image-Specific Parameters for Interactive Segmentation Zhanghui Kuang; Dirk Schnieders; Hao Zhou; Kwan-Yee Wong; Yizhou Yu; Bo Peng
Discriminant Image Filter Learning for Face Recognition with Local Binary Pattern Like Representation Zhen Lei; Stan Li
Image categorization using Fisher kernels of non-iid image models Ramazan Gokberk Cinbis; Jakob Verbeek; Cordelia Schmid
Discrete Texture Traces: Topological Representation of Geometric Context Jan Ernst; Maneesh Singh
Laser Speckle Photography for Surface Tampering Detection YiChang Shih; Abe Davis; Sam Hasinoff; Fredo Durand; Bill Freeman
Example-Based 3D Object Reconstruction from Line Drawings Tianfan Xue; Yanjie Li; Jianzhuang Liu
Discovering Discriminative Action Parts from Mid-Level Video Representations Michalis Raptis; Iasonas Kokkinos; Stefano Soatto
D-Nets: Beyond Patch-Based Image Descriptors Felix von Hundelshausen; Rahul Sukthankar
Coupling Detection and Data Association for Multiple Object Tracking Zheng Wu; Ashwin Thangali; Stan Sclaroff; Margrit Betke
Hedging Your Bets: Optimizing Accuracy-Specificity Trade-offs in Large Scale Visual Recognition Jia Deng; Jonathan Krause; Alex Berg; Li Fei-Fei
Learning Hierarchical Representations for Face Verification Gary Huang; Honglak Lee; Erik Learned-Miller
A New Convexity Measurement for 3D Meshes Zhouhui Lian; Afzal Godil; Paul Rosin; Xianfang Sun
Linear Discriminative Image Processing Operator Analysis Toru Tamaki; Bingzhi Yuan; Kengo Harada; Bisser Raytchev; Kazufumi Kaneda
Weak Attributes for Large-Scale Image Retrieval Felix Yu; Rongrong Ji; Ming-Hen Tsai; Guangnan Ye; Shih-Fu Chang
Metric Learning with Two-Dimensional Smoothness for Visual Analysis Xinlei Chen; Zifei Tong; Deng Cai
Matrix Completion by Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization Debing Zhang; Yao Hu; Jieping Ye; Xuelong Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Xiaofei He
Spherical Hashing Jae-Pil Heo; Youngwoon Lee; Junfeng He; Shih-Fu Chang; Sung-eui Yoon
Structure and Motion from Scene Registration Tali Basha; Alexander Hornung; Wojciech Matusik; Shai Avidan
Sign Language Recognition using Sequential Pattern Trees Eng-Jon Ong; Helen Cooper; Richard Bowden
Globally Consistent Depth Labeling of 4D Lightfields Sven Wanner; Bastian Goldluecke
Per-Pixel Translational Symmetry Detection, Optimization, and Segmentation Peng Zhao; Lei Yang; Honghui Zhang; Long Quan
Fixed-Rank Representation for Unsupervised Visual Learning Risheng Liu; Zhouchen Lin; Fernando DelaTorre; Zhixun Su
Dynamic 3D Fluid Surface Reconstruction Using Angular Normal Sampling and Reconstruction Jinwei Ye; Yu Ji; Feng Li; Jingyi Yu
Reconstruction of Super-Resolution Lung 4D-CT Using a Patch-Based Sparse Representation Yu Zhang; Guorong Wu; Pew-Thian Yap; Qianjin Feng; Jun Lian; Wufan Chen; Dinggang Shen
Furnishing bedrooms Luca Del Pero; Joshua Bowdish; Daniel Fried; Bonnie Kermgard; Emily Hartley; Kobus Barnard
Fast Radial Symmetry Detection Under Affine Transformations Jie Ni; Maneesh Singh; Claus Bahlmann
SURFing the Point Clouds: Selective 3D Spatial Pyramids for Category-level Object Recognition Carolina Cabrera; Roberto López-Sastre; Javier Acevedo-Rodríguez; Saturnino Maldonado-Bas
cónCross-based local multipoint filtering Jiangbo Lu; Keyang Shi; Dongbo Min; Liang Lin; Minh Do
Scene Warping: Layer-based Stereoscopic Image Resizing Ken-Yi Lee; Cheng-da Chung; Yung-Yu Chuang
A Line-Structure-Preserving Approach to Image Resizing Che-Han Chang; Yung-Yu Chuang
Learning Latent Temporal Structure for Complex Event Detection Kevin Tang; Daphne Koller; Li Fei-Fei
Active Learning for Semantic Segmentation with Expected Change Alexander Vezhnevets; Joachim Buhmann;  Vittorio Ferrari
Order Determination and Sparsity-Regularized Metric Learning for Adaptive Visual Tracking Nan Jiang; Wenyu Liu; Ying Wu
Learning an Object Class Representation on a Continuous Viewsphere Johannes Schels; Joerg Liebelt; Rainer Lienhart
Detecting Regions of Interest in Dynamic Scenes with Camera Motions Kihwan Kim; Dongryeol Lee; Irfan Essa
Robust Visual Tracking using Autoregressive Hidden Markov Model Dong Woo Park; Junseok Kwon; Kyoung Mu Lee
Learning Object Relationships via Graph-based Context Model Heesoo Myeong; Ju Yong Chang; Kyoung Mu Lee
Articulated People Detection and Pose Estimation: Reshaping the Future Leonid Pishchulin; Arjun Jain; Mykhaylo Andriluka; Thorsten Thormaehlen; Bernt Schiele
A Unified Framework for Event Summarization and Rare Event Detection Junseok Kwon; Kyoung Mu Lee
Mode-Seeking on Graphs via Random Walks Minsu Cho; Kyoung Mu Lee
Group Action Induced Distances for Averaging and Clustering Linear Dynamical Systems with Applications to the Analysis of Dynamic Visual Scenes Bijan Afsari; Rizwan Chaudhry; Rene Vidal; Avinash Ravichandran
Socially-Aware Multi-target Tracking Zhen Qin; Christian Shelton
Memory Constrained Face Recognition Ashish Kapoor; Simon Baker; Sumit Basu; Eric Horvitz
Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning with Applications to Image Superresolution and Photo-Sketch Image Synthesis Shenlong Wang; Lei Zhang; Yan Liang
A Data-driven Approach for Facial Expression Synthesis in Video Kai Li; Feng Xu; Jue Wang; Qionghai Dai; Yebin Liu
Growing a Bag of Systems Tree for Fast and Accurate Classification Emanuele Coviello; Adeel Mumtaz; Gert Lanckriet; Antoni Chan
A Codebook-Free and Annotation-Free Approach for Fine-Grained Image Categorization Bangpeng Yao; Gary Bradski; Li Fei-Fei
Auto Face Re-Ranking By Mining the Web and Video Archives Duy-Dinh Le; Shin'ichi Satoh
Relaxed Collaborative Representation for Pattern Classification Meng Yang; Lei Zhang; David Zhang
Robust Photometric Stereo using Sparse Regression Satoshi Ikehata; David Wipf; Yasuyuki Matsushita; Kiyoharu Aizawa
Branch-and-price global optimization for multi-view multi-object tracking Laura Leal-Taix¨¦; Gerard Pons-Moll; Bodo Rosenhahn
Online Content-aware Video Condensation Shikun Feng; Zhen Lei; Stan.Z. Li
Higher Order Motion Models and Spectral Clustering Peter Ochs; Thomas Brox
Probabilistic Learning of Task-Specific Visual Attention Ali Borji; Dicky Sihite; Laurent Itti
Automatic Discovery of Groups of Objects for Scene Understanding Congcong Li; Devi Parikh; Tsuhan Chen
Discovering Localized Attributes for Fine-grained Recognition Kun Duan; Devi Parikh; David Crandall; Kristen Grauman
WhittleSearch: Image Search with Relative Attribute Feedback Adriana Kovashka; Devi Parikh; Kristen Grauman
The Role of Image Understanding in Segmentation Larry Zitnick; Devi Parikh
Center-Shift: An Approach Towards Automatic Robust Mesh Segmentation (ARMS) Mengtian Sun; Yi Fang; Karthik Ramani
Efficient Discriminative Learning of Parametric Nearest Neighbor Classifiers Ziming Zhang; Paul Sturgess; Sunando Sengupta; Nigel Crook
Factorized Graph Matching Feng Zhou; Fernando DelaTorre
Exploiting Local and Global Patch Rarities for Saliency Detection Ali Borji; Laurent Itti
Graph-Guided Sparse Reconstruction for Region Tagging Yahong Han; Fei Wu; Qi Tian; Yueting Zhuang
Vector Array based Multi-view Face Detection with Compounded Exemplars Kai Ma; Ben-Arie Jezekiel
Nonparametric Kernel Estimators for Image Classification Barnabas Poczos; Liang Xiong; Dougal Sutherland; Jeff Schneider
Detecting Texts of Arbitrary Orientations in Natural Images Cong Yao; xiang Bai; Wenyu Liu; Yi Ma; Zhuowen Tu
Efficient Activity Detection with Max-Subgraph Search Chao-Yeh Chen; Kristen Grauman
A Study on Human Age Estimation Under Facial Expression Changes Guodong Guo; Xiaolong Wang
A Contextual Maximum Likelihood Framework for Modeling Image Registration Christian Wachinger; Nassir Navab
Unsupervised Metric Fusion by Cross Diffusion Bo Wang; Jiayan Jiang; Zhi-hua Zhou; Zhuowen Tu
On the Dimensionality of Video Bricks under Varying Illumination Youdong Zhao; Xi Song; Yunde Jia
Context Aware Topic Model for Scene Recognition Zhenxing Niu; Gang Hua; Xinbo Gao; Qi Tian
A Biquadratic Reflectance Model for Radiometric Image Analysis Boxin Shi; Ping Tan; Yasuyuki Matsushita; Katsushi Ikeuchi
Feature-domain super-resolution framework for Gabor-based face and iris recognition KIEN NGUYEN THANH; Sridha Sridharan; Simon Denman; Clinton Fookes
Multi-feature Similarity Learning with Knowledge Transfer among Semantics and Social Tagging Shuhui Wang; Shuqiang Jiang; Qingming Huang; Qi Tian
Rolling Shutter Bundle Adjustment Johan Hedborg; Per-Erik Forssen; Michael Felsberg; Erik Ringaby
Visibility Based Preconditioning for Bundle Adjustment Avanish Kushal; Sameer Agarwal
A Tiered Move-making Algorithm for General Pairwise MRFs Vibhav Vineet; Jonathan Warrell; Phil Torr
Globally Optimal Line Clustering and Vanishing Point Estimation in Manhattan World Jean-Charles Bazin; Yong Duek Seo; Cedric Demonceaux; Pascal Vasseur; Katsushi Ikeuchi; InSo Kweon; Marc Pollefeys
A Constrained Latent Variable Model Aydin Varol; Mathieu Salzmann; Pascal Fua; Raquel Urtasun
Salient Object Detection for Searched Web Images via Global Saliency Peng Wang; Jingdong Wang; Gang Zeng; Jie Feng; Hongbin Zha
Multitarget Data Association with Higher-Order Motion Models Robert Collins
Model Recommendation for Action Recognition Pyry Matikainen; Rahul Sukthankar; Martial Hebert
Dense Reconstruction On-the-Fly Andreas Wendel; Michael Maurer; Gottfried Graber; Thomas Pock; Horst Bischof
Mobile Product Search with Bag of Hash Bits and Boundary Reranking Junfeng He; Jinyuan Feng; Xianglong Liu; Tao Cheng; Tai-Hsu Lin; Hyunjin Chung; Shih-Fu Chang
Generalized Time Warping for Multi-modal Alignment of Human Motion Feng Zhou; Fernando DelaTorre
Object retrieval and localization with spatially-constrained similarity measure and k-NN re-ranking Xiaohui Shen; Zhe Lin; Jonathan Brandt; Shai Avidan; Ying Wu
Optical Flow in the Presence of Spatially-Varying Motion Blur Travis Portz; Li Zhang; Hongrui Jiang
Single Image Multimaterial Estimation Stephen Lombardi; Ko Nishino
Sparse Bayesian Multi-Task Learning for Predicting Cognitive Outcomes from Neuroimaging Measures in Alzheimer's Disease Jing Wan; Zhilin Zhang; Jingwen Yan; Taiyong Li; Bhaskar Rao; Shiaofen Fang; Sungeun Kim; Shannon Risacher; Andrew Saykin; Li Shen
The Use of On-line Co-training to Reduce the Training Set Size in Pattern Recognition Methods: Application to Left Ventricle Segmentation in Ultrasound Gustavo Carneiro; Jacinto Nascimento
Mining Actionlet Ensemble for Action Recognition with Depth Cameras Jiang Wang; Zicheng Liu; Ying Wu; Junsong Yuan
Robust Boltzmann Machines for Recognition and Denoising Yichuan Tang; Ruslan Salakhutdinov; Geoffrey Hinton
Non-sparse Linear Representations for Visual Tracking with Online Reservoir Metric Learning Xi Li; Chunhua Shen; Qinfeng Shi; Anthony Dick; Anton van den Hengel
Learning Contour-Fragment-based Shape Model with And-Or Tree Representation Liang Lin; Xiaolong Wang; Wei Yang; Jianhuang Lai
Improved Facial Expression Recognition via Uni-Hyperplane Classification Sien Chew; SIMON LUCEY; Patrick Lucey; Sridha Sridharan
Scale Resilient, Rotation Invariant Articulated Object Matching Hao Jiang; Taipeng Tian; Kun He; Stan Sclaroff
Generalizing Wiberg Algorithm for Rigid and Nonrigid Factorizations with Missing Components and Metric Constraints Yinqiang Zheng; Shigeki Sugimoto; Shuicheng YAN; Masatoshi Okutomi
Large-scale Knowledge Transfer for Object Localization in ImageNet Matthieu Guillaumin; Vittorio Ferrari
Seeing Double Without Confusion: Structure-from-motion in highly ambiguous scenes Nianjuan Jiang; Ping Tan; Loong Fah Cheong
Markov Weight Fields for Face Sketch Synthesis Hao Zhou; Zhanghui Kuang; Kwan-Yee Wong
Irregular lattices for complex shape grammar facade parsing Hayko Riemenschneider; Ulrich Krispel; Wolfgang Thaller
Multimodal Feature Fusion for Robust Event Detection in Web Videos Pradeep Natarajan; Shiv Vitaladevuni; Unsang Park; Shuang Wu; Vasant Manohar; Xiaodan Zhuang; Stavros Tsakalidis; Rohit Prasad; Prem Natarajan
Modelling and Correction of Multipath Interference in Time of Flight Cameras David Jim¨¦nez Cabello; Daniel Pizarro P¨¦rez; Manuel Mazo Quintas; Sira Elena Palazuelos Cagigas
Towards good practice in large-scale learning for image classification Florent Perronnin; Zeynep Akata; Zaid Harchaoui; Cordelia Schmid
Learning Inter-related Visual Dictionary for Object Recognition Ning Zhou; Jianping Fan
Dynamic Scene Understanding: The Role of Orientation Features in Space and Time in Scene Classification Konstantinos Derpanis; Matthieu Lecce; Kostas Daniilidis; Richard Wildes
From label fusion to correspondence fusion: a new approach to unbiased groupwise registration Paul Yushkevich; Hongzhi Wang; John Pluta; Brian Avants
Fan Shape Model for Object Detection Xinggang Wang; Tianyang Ma; Xiang Bai; Wenyu Liu; Longin Jan Latecki
Geometry Constrained Sparse Coding for Single Image Super-resolution Xiaoqiang Lu; Haoliang Yuan; Pingkun Yan; Yuan Yuan; Xuelong Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Color Constancy Using Faces Simone Bianco; Raimondo Schettini
Breeding Cats And Dogs Omkar Parkhi; Andrea Vedaldi; Andrew Zisserman; Jawahar C.V.
Learning Active Facial Patches for Expression Analysis Lin Zhong; qingshan Liu; peng Yang; Junzhou Huang; Dimitris Metaxas
Recognizing Alternative Spatiotemporal Structures of Human Activities Mohamed Amer; Sinisa Todorovic
SUN Attribute Database:\\ Discovering, Annotating, and Recognizing Scene Attributes James Hays; Genevieve Patterson
Globally Optimal Hand-Eye Calibration Thomas Ruland; Tomas Pajdla; Lars Kr¨¹ger
Random Walks based Multi-Image Segmentation: Quasiconvexity Results and GPU-based Solutions for Low Entropy Appearance Models Maxwell Collins; Jia Xu; Leo Grady; Vikas Singh
Depth from Optical Turbulence Yuandong Tian; Srinivasa Narasimhan; Alan Vannevel
Foreground Detection Using Spatiotemporal Projection Kernels Yair Moshe; Yacov Hel-Or; Hagit Hel-Or
Unsupervised Feature Learning Framework for No-reference Image Quality Assessment Peng Ye; Jayant Kumar; Le Kang; david Doermann
Multiple Clustered Instance Learning for Histopathology Cancer Image Classification, Segmentation and Clustering Yan Xu; Jun-Yan Zhu; Eric Chang; Zhuowen Tu
Social behavior recognition in continuous video Xavier Burgos-Artizzu; Piotr Dollar; Pietro Perona
RGB-(D) Scene Labeling: Features and Algorithms Xiaofeng Ren; Liefeng Bo; Dieter Fox
Learning Ordinal Discriminative Features for Age Estimation Changsheng Li; Qingshan Liu; jing Liu; Hanqing Lu
Independent Motion Detection Without Independent Motion Estimation GEORGIOS GEORGIADIS; Alper Ayvaci; Stefano Soatto
Automatic Mitral Leaflet Tracking in Echocardiography by Outlier Detection in the Low-rank Representation Xiaowei Zhou; Weichuan Yu
Robust Late Fusion with Multi-Task Low Rank Minimization Guangnan Ye; Dong Liu; I-Hong Jhuo; Shih-Fu Chang
Unsupervised Object Class Discovery via Saliency-Guided Multiple Class Learning Jun-Yan Zhu; Jiajun Wu; Yichen Wei; Eric Chang; Zhuowen Tu
Spatially Coupled Pitman-Yor Processes for Modeling Uncertainty in Natural Image Segmentation Soumya Ghosh; Erik Sudderth
2.5D Building Modeling by Discovering Global Regularities Qian-Yi Zhou; Ulrich Neumann
Layered Segmentation and Optical Flow Estimation Over Time Deqing Sun; Erik Sudderth; Michael Black
A two-stage approach to blind spatially-varying motion deblurring Hui Ji; Kang Wang
Image search results refinement via outlier detection using deep contexts Junyang Lu; Jiazhen Zhou; Jingdong Wang
Scalable $k$-NN graph construction for visual descriptors Jing Wang; Jingdong Wang; Gang Zeng; Zhuowen Tu; Shipeng Li
Multi-scale Dictionary for Single Image Super-resolution Kaibing Zhang
Consistent Depth Maps Recovery from a Trinocular Video Sequence Wenzhuo Yang; Guofeng Zhang; Hujun Bao; Jiwon Kim; Ho-Young Lee
Real-time Facial Feature Detection using Conditional Regression Forests Matthias Dantone; Juergen Gall; Gabriele Fanelli; Luc Van Gool
Discriminative Spatial Saliency for Image Classification Gaurav Sharma; Frederic Jurie; Cordelia Schmid
Sparse Representation for Face Recognition based on Discriminative Low-Rank Dictionary Learning Long Ma; Chunheng Wang; Baihua Xiao; Wen Zhou
Adaptive Figure-Ground Classification Yisong Chen; Antoni Chan
Learning Sparse Covariance Patterns for Natural Scenes Liwei Wang; Yin Li; Jiaya Jia; Jian Sun; David Wipf; James Rehg
Steerable part models Hamed Pirsiavash; Deva Ramanan
Omni-Range Spatial Context for Visual Recognition Bingbing NI, Singapore"); Shuicheng YAN; Mengdi Xu
Learning Hierarchical Similarity Metrics Nakul Verma; Dhruv Mahajan; Sundararajan Sellamanickam; Vinod Nair
What Are Good Parts for Hair Shape Modeling? Nan Wang; Haizhou Ai; Tang Feng
Real-time Image-based 6-DOF Localization in Large-Scale Environments Hyon Lim; Sudipta Sinha; Michael Cohen; Matt Uyttendaele
Large Scale Metric Learning from Equivalence Constraints Martin Köstinger; Peter Roth
Image Collection Summarization via Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation Chunlei Yang; Jianping Fan
Saliency-Guided Integration of Multiple Scans Ran Song; Yonghuai Liu; Ralph Martin; Paul Rosin
Maximum Weight Cliques with Mutex Constraints for Video Object Segmentation Tianyang Ma; Longin Jan Latecki
Decomposing and Regularizing Sparse/Non-sparse Components for Motion Field Estimation Zhuoyuan CHEN; Ying Wu; Jiang Wang
Reconfigurable Models for Scene Recognition Sobhan Naderi Parizi; John Oberlin; Pedro Felzenszwalb
Linear Solution to Scale Invariant Global Figure Ground Separation Hao Jiang
A Hierarchical Image Clustering Cosegmentation Framework Edward Kim; Hongsheng Li; Xiaolei Huang
Top-Down Visual Saliency via Joint CRF and Dictionary Learning Jimei Yang; Ming-Hsuan Yang
Shape, Albedo, and Illumination from a Single Image of an Unknown Object Jonathan Barron; Jitendra Malik
Complex Loss Optimization via Dual Decomposition Arash Vahdat; Greg Mori; Mani Ranjbar
Exemplar-Based Human Action Pose Correction Wei Shen; Zhuowen Tu; Ke Deng; Xiang Bai; Tommer Leyvand; Baining Guo
Affinity Learning via Self-diffusion for Image Segmentation and Clustering Bo Wang; Zhuowen Tu
Fast approximate k-means via cluster closures Jing Wang; Jingdong Wang; Qifa Ke; Gang Zeng; Shipeng Li
Recognizing Proxemics in Personal Photos Yi Yang; Simon Baker; Anitha Kannan; Deva Ramanan
Visual Stem Mapping and Geometric Tense Coding for Augmented Visual Vocabulary Ke Gao; Yong Zhang; Lin Shouxun; Zhang Wei
Higher Level Segmentation: Detecting and Grouping of Invariant Repetitive Patterns Yunliang Cai; George Baciu
Icon Scanning: Towards Next Generation QR Codes Itamar Friedman ; Lihi Zelnik-Manor
Intrinsic Shape Context Descriptors for Deformable Shapes Iasonas Kokkinos; Michael Bronstein; Roee Litman; Alexander Bronstein
Multiclass Pixel Labeling with Non-Local Matching Constraints Stephen Gould
Sparse Kernel Approximations for Efficient Classification and Detection Andrea Vedaldi; Andrew Zisserman
Structured Local Predictors for Image Labelling Samuel Rota Bulo'; Peter Kontschieder; Marcello Pelillo; Horst Bischof
Real-Time Scene Text Localization and Recognition Lukas Neumann; Jiri Matas
A New Mirror-based Extrinsic Camera Calibration Using an Orthogonality Constraint Kosuke Takahashi; Shohei Nobuhara; Takashi Matsuyama
Neighborhood Repulsed Metric Learning for Kinship Verification Jiwen Lu; Junlin Hu; Xiuzhuang Zhou; Yuanyuan Shang; Yap-Peng Tan
Top-Down and Bottom-up Cues for Scene Text Recognition Anand Mishra; Karteek Alahari; Jawahar C.V.
From Pictorial Structures to Deformable Structures Silvia Zuffi; Oren Freifeld; Michael Black
Monotonicity and Error Type Differentiability in Performance Measures for Target Detection and Tracking in Video Ido Leichter; Eyal Krupka
Non-Negative Low Rank and Sparse Graph for Semi-Supervised Learning Liansheng Zhuang; Haoyuan Gao; Zhouchen Lin; Yi Ma; Nenghai Yu
Transfer Re-identification: From Person to Set-based Verification Wei-Shi Zheng; Shaogang Gong; Tao Xiang
Learning 3D Object Template by Hierarchical Quantization of Geometry and Appearance Spaces WENZE HU
Automatic Upright Adjustment of Photographs Hyunjun Lee; Eli Shechtman; Jue Wang; Seungyong Lee
DCMSVM: Distributed Parallel Training For Single-Machine Multiclass Classifiers Alex Berg; Xufeng Han
"Knock! Knock! Who is it?" Probabilistic Person Identification in TV-Series Makarand Tapaswi; Martin Bäuml; Rainer Stiefelhagen
Understanding and Predicting Importance in Images Karl Stratos; Aneesh Sood; Alyssa Mensch; Margaret Mitchell; Kota Yamaguchi; Xufeng Han; Amit Goyal; Jesse Dodge; hal Daume III; Alex Berg; Tamara Berg
Automated Quantitative Description of Spiral Galaxy Arm-Segment Structure Darren Davis; Wayne Hayes
You Are What You Wear: Parsing Clothing in Fashion Photos Kota Yamaguchi; Hadi Kiapour; Luis Ortiz; Tamara Berg
Weakly Supervised Sparse Coding with Geometric Consistency Pooling Liujuan Cao; Rongrong Ji; Yue Gao; Yi Yang; Qi Tian
What Is Optimized in Tight Convex Relaxations for Multi-Label Problems? Christopher Zach; Christian Haene; Marc Pollefeys
Leveraging Category-Level Labels For Instance-Level Image Retrieval Albert Gordo; Jose Rodriguez; Florent Perronnin; Ernest Valveny
Collection Flow Ira Kemelmacher; Steve Seitz
Dense Lagrangian Motion Estimation with Occlusions Susanna Ricco; carlo Tomasi
Image Description with a Goal: Building Efficient Discriminating Expressions for Images Amir Sadovnik; Yi-I Chiu; Shimon Edelman; Tsuhan Chen
Describing the Scene as a Whole: Joint Object Detection, Scene Classification and Semantic Segmentation Jian Yao; Sanja Fidler; Raquel Urtasun
Interactive Object Detection Angela Yao; Juergen Gall; Christian Leistner; Luc Van Gool
A Learning Based Deformable Template Matching Method for Automatic Rib Centerline Extraction and Labeling in CT Images Dijia Wu; David Liu; Zoltan Puskas; Shaohua Zhou
Online Robust Image Alignment via Iterative Convex Optimization Yi Wu; Bin Shen; Haibin Ling
Look into the Black Box : Understanding Bag-of-Feature Classification System by Support Region Detection Lingqiao Liu; Lei Wang
Nonparametric Image Parsing using Adaptive Neighbor Sets David Eigen; Rob Fergus
Twisted Window Search for Efficient Shape Localization Steve Gu; Ying Zheng; carlo Tomasi
Robust Maximum Likelihood Estimation by Sparse Bundle Adjustment using the $L_1$ Norm Zhijun Dai; Fengjun Zhang; Hongan Wang
Robust Nonrigid ICP Using Outlier-Sparsity Regularization Hidekata Hontani; Takamiti Matsuno; Yoshihide Sawada
Power Mean SVM for Large Scale Visual Classification Jianxin Wu
Optimal Integration of Photometric and Geometric Surface Measurements Using Inaccurate Reflectance/Illumination Knowledge Takayuki Okatani; Koichiro Deguchi
Sparse Representation for Blind Image Quality Assessment Lihuo He
Robust Stereo with Flash and No-flash Image Pairs Changyin Zhou; Alejandro Troccoli; Kari Pulli
Substructure and Boundary Modeling for Continuous Action Recognition Zhaowen Wang; Jinjun Wang; Jing Xiao; Kai-Hsiang Lin; Thomas Huang
Multi-label ReliefF and F-statistic Feature Selections for Image Annotation Deguang Kong; Chris Ding
Part-based Multiple-Person Tracking with Partial Occlusion Handling Guang Shu; Omar Oreifej; Afshin Dehghan; Mubarak Shah
Robust Plane-Based Structure From Motion Zihan Zhou; Hailin Jin; Yi Ma
Exploiting Web Images for Event Recognition in Consumer Videos: A Multiple Source Domain Adaptation Approach Lixin Duan; Dong Xu; Shih-Fu Chang
The Random Cluster Model for Robust Geometric Fitting Trung Pham; Tat-Jun Chin; Jin Yu; David Suter
Multi-View Hair Capture using Orientation Fields Linjie Luo; Hao Li; Thibaut Weise; Sylvain Paris; Mark Pauly; Szymon Rusinkiewicz
A Fast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm Yoonho Hwang; Bohyung Han; Hee-Kap Ahn
Recovering Free Space of Indoor Scenes from a Single Image Varsha Hedau; Derek Hoiem; David Forsyth
Discovering Important People and Objects for Egocentric Video Summarization Yong Jae Lee; Joydeep Ghosh; Kristen Grauman
Schematic Surface Reconstruction Changchang Wu; Sameer Agarwal; Brian Curless; Steve Seitz
Social Roles in Hierarchical Models for Human Activity Recognition Tian Lan; Leonid Sigal; Greg Mori
Bilevel Sparse Coding for Coupled Feature Spaces Jianchao Yang; Zhaowen Wang; Zhe Lin
3D Visual Phrases for Landmark Recognition Qiang Hao; Rui Cai; Zhiwei Li; Lei Zhang; Yanwei Pang ; Feng Wu
Connecting the Dots in Multi-Class Classification: From Nearest Subspace to Collaborative Representation Yuejie Chi; Fatih Porikli
Weighted color and texture sample selection for image matting Ehsan Shahrian Varnousfaderani; Deepu Rajan
Enhancing Underwater Images and Videos by Fusion Cosmin Ancuti; Codruta Ancuti; Philipe Bekaert
Efficient Structured Prediction for 3D Indoor Scene Understanding Alexander Schwing; Hazan Tamir; Marc Pollefeys; Raquel Urtasun
Application of the Mean Field Methods to MRF Optimization in Computer Vision Masaki Saito; Takayuki Okatani; Koichiro Deguchi
Convex Reduction of High-Dimensional Kernels for Visual Classification Efstratios Gavves; Cees Snoek; Arnold Smeulders
Visual Tracking via Adaptive Structural Local Sparse Appearance Model Xu Jia; Huchuan Lu; Ming-Hsuan Yang
Locality-constrained and spatially regularized coding for scene categorization Aymen Shabou; Herv¨¦ Le Borgne
A Bundle Approach To Efficient MAP-Inference by Lagrangian Relaxation Joerg Kappes; Bogdan Savchynskyy; Christoph Schnoerr
Making Minimal Solvers Fast Martin Bujnak; Zuzana Kukelova; Tomas Pajdla
Fast Axis Estimation from a Segment of Rotationally Symmetric Object Dongjin Han; Hern-soo Hahn
Example-based Cross-Modal Denoising Dana Segev; Yoav Schechner; Michael Elad
RALF: A Reinforced Active Learning Formulation for Object Class Recognition Sandra Ebert; Mario Fritz; Bernt Schiele
On Partial Least Squares in Head Pose Estimation: How to simultaneously deal with misalignment Murad Al Haj; Jordi Gonzalez; Larry Davis
Batch Mode Adaptive Multiple Instance Learning for Computer Vision Tasks Wen Li; Lixin Duan; Ivor Tsang; Dong Xu
Photometric Stereo for Outdoor Webcams Fabian Langguth; Jens Ackermann; Simon Fuhrmann; Michael Goesele
Real time robust L1 tracker using accelerated proximal gradient approach Chenglong Bao; Yi Wu; Haibin Ling; Hui Ji
(Unseen) Event Recognition Using Faceted Composition Julian Stöttinger; Jasper Uijlings; Anand Pandey; Nicu Sebe; Fausto Giunchiglia
Robust Object Tracking via Sparsity-based Collaborative Model Wei Zhong; Huchuan Lu; Ming-Hsuan Yang
Graph Cuts Optimization for Multi-Limb Human Segmentation in Depth Maps Antonio Hern¨¢ndez-Vela; Nadezhda Zlateva; Alexander Marinov; Miguel Reyes; Petia Radeva; Dimo Dimov; Sergio Escalera
Shrink boost for selecting multi-LBP histogram features in object detection CHER KENG HENG; Sumio Yokomitsu; Yuichi Matsumoto; Hajime Tamura
3D Constrained Local Model for Rigid and Non-Rigid Facial Tracking Tadas Baltrušaitis; Peter Robinson; Louis-Philippe Morency
Discovering and exploiting 3D symmetries in structure from motion Andrea Cohen; Christopher Zach; Sudipta Sinha; Marc Pollefeys
Video Segmentation by Tracing Discontinuities in a Trajectory Embedding Katerina Fragkiadaki; Jianbo Shi
Low-Rank Matrix Recovery with Structural Incoherence for Robust Face Recognition Chih-Fan Chen; Chia-Po Wei; Yu-Chiang Frank Wang
On SIFTs and their Scales Tal Hassner; Lihi Zelnik-Manor; Viki Mayzels
PCCA: a new approach for distance learning from sparse pairwise constraints Alexis Mignon; Frederic Jurie
Bispectral Photometric Stereo based on Fluorescence Imari Sato; Takahiro Okabe; Yoichi Sato
MAP-MRF Inference Based on Extended Junction Tree Representation Zheng Yun; Chen Pei; Cao Jiangzhong
Saliency Filters Federico Perazzi; Philipp Krähenb¨¹hl; Yael Pritch; Alexander Hornung
Graph-based Detection, Segmentation & Characterization of Brain Tumors Sarah Parisot; Hugues Duffau; St¨¦phane Chemouny; Nikos Paragios
Regression Tree Fields -- An Efficient, Non-parametric Approach to Image Labeling Problems Jeremy Jancsary; Sebastian Nowozin; Carsten Rother; Toby Sharp
Joint 2D-3D Temporally Consistent Semantic Segmentation of Street Scenes Georgios Floros; Bastian Leibe
Robust Non-Rigid Registration of 2D and 3D Graphs Eduard Serradell Domingo); przemyslaw Glowacki); Jan Kybic; Francesc Moreno-Noguer); Pascal Fua
Active Attentional Sampling for Speed-up of Background Subtraction Hyung Jin Chang; Hawook Jeong; Jin Young Choi
A Discriminative Deep Model for Pedestrian Detection with Occlusion Handling Wanli Ouyang; Xiaogang Wang
Robust Tracking via Weakly Supervised Ranking SVM Ming Tang; Ming Tang
Efficient Automatic 3D-Reconstruction of Branching Neurons from EM Data Jan Funke; Bjoern Andres; Fred Hamprecht; Albert Cardona; Matthew Cook
Inverted Multi-Index Artem Babenko; Victor Lempitsky
Image Sets Alignment for Video-based Face Recognition Zhen Cui; Shiguang Shan; Haihong Zhang; Shihong Lao; Xilin Chen
A 3D Extension to Cortex Like Mechanisms for 3D Object Class Recognition Greg Flitton; Toby Breckon; Najla Megherbi Bouallagui
A regularized spectral algorithm for Hidden Markov Models with applications in computer vision Minh Ha Quang; Marco Cristani; Alessandro Perina; Vittorio Murino)
Bridging the Past, Present and Future: Modeling Scene Activities From Event Relationships and Global Rules Jagannadan Varadarajan; Remi Emonet; Jean-Marc Odobez
Cross-view Activity Recognition using Hankelets Octavia Camps; Binlong Li; Mario Sznaier
Tracking the Articulated Motion of Two Strongly Interacting Hands Iason Oikonomidis; Nikolaos Kyriazis; Antonis Argyros
Fast Computation of min-Hash signatures for Image Collections Ondrej Chum; Jiri Matas
Multi-column Deep Neural Networks for Image Classification Dan Ciresan; Ueli Meier; Juergen Schmidhuber
Exploiting Nonlocal Spatiotemporal Structure for Video Segmentation Hsien-Ting Cheng; Narendra Ahuja
Super Edge Grouping for Object Localization by Combining Appearance and Shape Information Zhiqi Zhang; Sanja Fidler; Jarrell Waggoner; Yu Cao; Sven Dickinson; Jeffrey Siskind; Song Wang
Meta-Class Features for Large-Scale Object Categorization on a Budget Alessandro Bergamo; Lorenzo Torresani
Spatio-temporal Motion Tracking with Unsynchronized Cameras Ahmed Elhayek; Carsten Stoll; Nils Hasler; Kwang In Kim; Hans-Peter Seidel; Christian Theobalt
Video Stabilization with a Depth Camera Shuaicheng Liu; Yingting Wang; Lu Yuan; Ping Tan; Jian Sun
Image denoising: Can plain Neural Networks compete with BM3D? Harold Christopher Burger; Christian Schuler; Stefan Harmeling
Unsupervised Learning of Translation Invariant Occlusive Components Zhenwen Dai; Jörg Lücke
Transferring a Generic Pedestrian Detector Towards Specific Scenes Meng Wang; Wei Li; Xiaogang Wang
AVA: A Large-Scale Database for Aesthetic Visual Analysis Naila Murray; Luca Marchesotti; Florent Perronnin
Robust Camera Self-Calibration from Monocular Images of Manhattan Worlds Horst Wildenauer; Allan Hanbury
Compressive Depth Map Acquisition Using a Single Photon-Counting Detector: Parametric Signal Processing Meets Sparsity Andrea Colaco; Ahmed Kirmani; Gregory Howland; John Howell; Vivek Goyal
Learning Object Class Detectors from Weakly Annotated Video Alessandro Prest; Christian Leistner; Javier Civera; Cordelia Schmid; Vittorio Ferrari
Real-Time 6D Stereo Visual Odometry with Non-Overlapping Fields of View Tim Kazik; Laurent Kneip; Janosch Nikolic; Marc Pollefeys; Roland Siegwart
Single Image 3D Human Pose Estimation from Noisy Observations Edgar Simo-Serra); Arnau Ramisa); Guillem Alenya); Carme Torras); Francesc Moreno-Noguer)
Mobile Object Detection through Client-Server based Vote Transfer Shyam Sunder Kumar; Silvio Savarese; Min Sun
Joint Motion Estimation and Segmentation of Complex Scenes with Label Costs and Occlusion Modeling Markus Unger; Manuel Werlberger; Thomas Pock; Horst Bischof
A Game-Theoretic Approach to Deformable Shape Matching Emanuele Rodola; Alexander Bronstein; Andrea Albarelli; Filippo Bergamasco; Andrea Torsello
Evaluation of Low-Level Features for Event Detection in Open Source Videos Amir Tamrakar
Learning Structural Element Patch Models With Hierarchical Palettes Jeroen Chua; Inmar Givoni; Ryan Adams; Brendan Frey
Unsupervised Incremental Learning for Improved Object Detection in a Video Pramod Sharma; Chang Huang; Ram Nevatia
Color Attributes for Object Detection Fahad Shahbaz Khan; Rao Muhammad Anwer; Joost van de Weijer; Andrew D. Bagdanov; Maria Vanrell; Antonio L¨®pez
Synthesizing Oil Painting Surface Geometry from a Single Photograph Wei Luo; Zheng Lu; Ying-qing Xu; Xiaogang Wang; Moshe Ben-Ezra; Michael Brown
Factorizing Appearance Using Epitomic Flobject Analysis Patrick Li; Brendan Frey
An Analysis of Color Demosaicing in Plenoptic Cameras Zhan Yu; Jingyi Yu; Andrew Lumsdaine; Todor Georgiev
Fast Algorithms for Structured Robust Principal Component Analysis Mustafa Ayazoglu; Mario Sznaier; Octavia Camps
Chebyshev Approximations to the Histogram Chi-Square Kernel Fuxin Li; Guy Lebanon; Cristian Sminchisescu
Unsupervised co-segmentation through region matching Jose Rubio; Joan Serrat; Antonio López; Nikos Paragios
Progressive Shape Models Antoine Letouzey; Edmond Boyer
Computer Vision Aided Target Linked Radiation Imaging Dashan Gao; Yi Yao; Feng Pan; Ting Yu; Li Guan; Bing Yu; Tai-Peng Tian; Dixon III Walter; Brian Yanoff; Nils Krahnstoever
Fast Recursive Ensemble Convolution of Haar-like Features Daniel Wesierski; Maher Mkhinini; Patrick Horain; Anna Jezierska
A Unifying Formulation for Resolution-Independent Early Vision Andrew Fitzgibbon; Fabio Viola
Background modeling using adaptive pixelwise kernel variances in a hybrid feature space Manjunath Narayana; Erik Learned-Miller; Allen Hanson
Local Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor for Image Classification Sancho McCann; David Lowe
Learning to Segment Dense Cell Nuclei with Shape Prior Xinghua Lou; Ullrich Koethe; Jochen Wittbrodt; Fred Hamprecht
A Riemannian Approach for estimating Orientation Distribution Function (ODF) Images from High-Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging (HARDI) Kai Krajsek; Hanno Scharr
Multi View Registration for Novelty/Background Separation Omid Aghazadeh; Josephine Sullivan; Stefan Carlsson
Regularization of Images Semantics for Improved Retrieval Jose Costa Pereira; Nuno Vasconcelos
The Image Torque Operator: A New Tool for Mid-level Vision Morimichi Nishigaki; Cornelia Fermuller; Daniel DeMenthon
Automated Annotation of Coral Reef Survey Images Oscar Beijbom; Tali Treibitz; Gregory Mitchell; David Kriegman
A Convex Representation for the Vectorial Mumford-Shah Functional Evgeny Strekalovskiy; Antonin Chambolle; Daniel Cremers
Low Level Vision via Switchable Markov Random Fields Dahua Lin; John Fisher III
Revisiting Uncertainty in Graph Cut Solutions Daniel Tarlow; Ryan Adams
Decentralized Particle Filter for Joint Individual-Group Tracking Loris Bazzani; Marco Cristani; Vittorio Murino)
Seeded watershed cut uncertainty estimators for guided interactive segmentation Christoph Straehle; Ullrich Koethe; Kevin Briggman; Winfried Denk; Fred Hamprecht
A Data Driven Method for Feature Transformation Mert Dikmen; Thomas Huang
Efficient Online Structured Output Learning for Keypoint-Based Object Tracking Sam Hare; Amir Saffari; Phil Torr
Multi-output Laplacian Dynamic Ordinal Regression for Facial Expression Recognition and Intensity Estimation Ognjen Rudovic; Vladimir Pavlovic; Maja Pantic
Video Anomaly Detection Based on Local Statistical Aggregates Venkatesh Saligrama; Manqi Zhao; Zhu Chen
Affinity Aggregation for Spectral Clustering Hsin-Chien Huang; Yung-Yu Chuang; Chu-Song Chen
FREAK: Fast Retina Keypoint Alexandre Alahi; Raphaël Ortiz; Pierre Vandergheynst
Bag of Textons for Image Segmentation via Soft Clustering and Convex Shift Zhiding Yu; Ang Li; Oscar Au
Segmentation Using Superpixels: A Bipartite Graph Partitioning Approach Zhenguo Li; Xiao-Ming Wu; Shih-Fu Chang
Hand Tracking by Binary Quadratic Programming and Its Application to Retail Activity Recognition Hoang Trinh; Quanfu Fan; Prasad Gabbur; Sharath Pankanti
Classifying Secret Photographs Haitao Lang; Haibin Ling
Customizing Biometric Authentication Systems via Discriminative Score Calibration Norman Poh; Massimo Tistarelli
Parsing Facade with Rank-One Approximation YANG CHAO; Tian HAN; Long Quan; Chiew Lan Tai
Fast and Globally Optimal Single View Reconstruction of Curved Objects Martin Oswald; Eno Töppe; Daniel Cremers
Fast Dynamic Programming for Labeling Problems with Ordering Constraints Junjie Bai; Qi Song; Olga Veksler; Xiaodong Wu
Distribution Fields for Tracking Laura Sevilla; Erik Learned-Miller
The Schrödinger Distance Transform (SDT) for point-sets and curves Manu Sethi; Anand Rangarajan; Karthik Gurumoorthy
Online Continuous Stereo Extrinsic Parameter Estimation Peter Hansen; Peter Rander; Hatem Alismail; Brett Browning
Boosting Algorithms for Simultaneous Feature Extraction and Selection Mohammad Saberian; Nuno Vasconcelos
Names and Shades of color for intrinsic image estimation Marc Serra Vidal; Robert Benavente; Olivier Penacchio; Maria Vanrell
Image Matching using Local Symmetry Features Daniel Cabrini Hauagge; Noah Snavely
Learning to Localize Detected Objects Qieyun Dai; Derek Hoiem
City Scale Geo-spatial Trajectory Estimation of a Moving Camera Gonzalo Vaca-Castano; Amir Roshan zamir; Mubarak Shah
Randomized Spatial Context for Object Search Yuning Jiang; Jingjing Meng; Junsong Yuan
Action Recognition by Exploring the Data Distribution and Feature Correlation Sen Wang; Yi Yang; Zhigang Ma; Xue Li; Chaoyi Pang; Alex Hauptmann
Iterative Nearest Neighbors for Classification and Dimensionality Reduction Radu Timofte; Luc Van Gool
Sasaki Metrics for Analysis of Longitudinal Data on Manifolds Prasanna Muralidharan; P. Thomas Fletcher
Robust Non-negative Graph Embedding: Towards Noisy Data, Unreliable Graph, and Noisy Labels Hanwang Zhang; Zhengjun Zha; Shuicheng YAN; Meng Wang; Tat-seng Chua
A Combined Pose, Object, and Feature Model for Action Understanding Ben Packer; Daphne Koller
Geometric Understanding of Point Clouds Using Laplace-Beltrami Operator JIAN LIANG; Rongjie Lai; Tsz Wai Wong; Hongkai Zhao
Online Incremental Attribute-based Zero-shot Learning Pichai Kankuekul; Aram Kawewong; Sirinart Tangruamsub
Seeing through the Blur Hossein Mobahi; Yi Ma; Larry Zitnick
Fast Search in Hamming Space with Multi-Index Hashing Mohammad Norouzi, Ali Punjani, David Fleet