Jewish Holy Days

There has been some concern about the scheduling of the conference around the times of Jewish Holy Days. We have located for those interested a number of synagogues and thus one could go to synagogue as well as attend the conference.

The one synagogue on Corfu is on VELISSARIOU STREET CORFU 49100.
The president of the Corfu Jewish community is Mr. LINOS SOUSSIS and his contact numbers are 47777 (office) and 36917 (home). He advised that access to the synagogue is always possible as the person responsible lives next door and can open the synagogue any time. He advised also that during holy days the synagogue is always open and that he would be pleased to help any Jewish visitors who should call him when they arrive.

You could also go to Athens first and then fly in to the conference right after Yom Kippur where you will find:

Beth Shalom      5 Odos Melidoni. M.         325-2773

B'nai Brith        15 Paparigopoulou                323-0405

Central Board of  Jewish Communities of Greece    can be found at  2  Sourmeli St., Athens   325-2823