Business Informatics takes a systematic and analytic approach in aligning business intelligence, information science, and computer engineering into an engineering science for businesses. The core element of business informatics is a methodological approach for describing, explaining, predicting, and designing information and communication models, architectures, and systems for the business environment. Business informatics is a discipline combining several fields of study, including information technology (IT), informatics, and management, to develop the new scientific foundation for business engineering.

Research Directions

The last decade, for example, has seen enormous efforts in the area of integration technology, such as web services computing, which, at the same time, has led to a lot of standardization and commoditization in the field. This doesn’t mean that innovation stops. Once products become commodities, they can serve as components for further innovation. An obvious consequence of the advances in web services computing is that it enables business services networks, which pose a number of new technical challenges focused on how to support collaboration and orchestrate and optimize processes across organizations.

Another challenge and a consequence of the availability of business services networks, broadband network connections, and RFID technology is the resulting “information explosion”. Businesses collect huge amounts of data on customers, suppliers and market developments and need to be able to analyze and react on this quickly.

Goals and Perspectives

Overall, e-commerce and enterprise computing have emerged into an engineering discipline and a design science centered on technical artifacts for business service integration and business process optimization. Enterprise computing draws on a variety of established disciplines such as computer science, operations research, and business administration and develops new technologies and methods geared towards business process innovation (i.e., optimizing existing or creating new business processes) for the purpose of optimizing business objectives.

Activities of the Technical Committee

The Technical Committee on Business Informatics and Systems (TCBIS formerly known as TCEC) acts as an international forum to promote E-Commerce research and education, and participate in setting up technical standards in this area. Issues related to the design, analysis and implementation of E-Commerce systems and solutions are of interest. These include design and analysis of distributed architectures and enabling technologies (e.g. Autonomic computing, Grid, Web Services, etc.) and application development on E-Commerce system.

The Technical Committee on Business Informatics and Systems (TCBIS) sponsors professional meetings, publishes newsletters and other documents, sets guidelines for educational programs, and it helps co-ordinate academic, funding agency, and industry activities in the above areas. The TCBIS organizes annual conferences. In addition, TCBIS plans to publish a newsletter to help IEEE/Computer Society members keep abreast of the events occurring within this field.

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