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    The primary goals of the TCI within its areas of interest are:

    A. Communication & Discussion Groups:

    The TCI publishes a web Newsletter Packet News. Also TCI coordinates a set of mailing lists to facilitate exchange of ideas among its members:
      • tciannounce<at>computer<dot>org A moderated list, for announcements to the TCI community. To subscribe to the list please send a message to tciannounce<at>computer<dot>org with only the word "subscribe" in the message body.

      The TCI web site (this site) will have pointers to conferences, articles, and other information of use to the membership.

    B. Sponsored Conferences:

      The technical committee also sponsors conferences in the area of internetworking. TCI is cosponsoring the following conferences:

    TCI is seeking opportunities to support other workshops and conferences in its areas of interest. We are actively working to either organize new conferences or cosponsor existing conferences. Click here for a list of other related conferences, workshops, and CFP.

    C. Standards:

      The IEEE Computer Society does a lot of work with standards, and the technical committee can help in that effort, and interact with other standards bodies such as the W3C and IETF. See also the Computer Society Internet Practices Standards Study Group.
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