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About the IEEE Computer Society Data Engineering Bulletin

The Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Data Engineering is published quarterly and is distributed to all TC members. Its scope includes the design, implementation, modeling, theory and application of database systems and their technology.

Letters, conference information, and news should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief. Papers for each issue are solicited by and should be sent to the Associate Editor responsible for the issue.

Opinions expressed in contributions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the TC on Data Engineering, the IEEE Computer Society, or the authors' organizations.

All Issues of Bulletin Are Now Available Electronically

All issues of the Data Engineering Bulletin, dating back to 1977, are available in pdf format via the Bulletin web sites. Further, these issues are now also referenced via the DBLP web site. You will find many articles that are of great interest. Some of these articles have continued to be cited many years after their publication but have been hard to acquire until now.

Many people contributed in this effort. I want first to thank the Microsoft Corporation through which the scanning of the issues was accomplished. Next, I must thank the many people who generously contributed issues of the Bulletin from their ``archives" so that we can bring to you a complete set of issues. These folks are Phil Bernstein, Umesh Dayal, Stavros Christodoulakis, Mike Franklin, Hank Korth, Guy Lohman, Amihai Motro, Timos Sellis, Gio Wiederhold, and Antoni Wolski. I want to single out for special thanks Sylvia Osborn, who provided many of the very early issues that were particularly hard to find.

Finally, I want to mention that all issues of the Bulletin are now included in and accessible via DBLP. I want to thank Michael Ley for making this happen, and in an amazingly short time so that this information can be included in the announcement.

I would urge you all to visit the Bulletin web site and browse the earlier issues. I think you will be impressed by how interesting and relevant many of the papers continue to be.

Web Access

The Data Engineering Bulletin is available on two different web sites.
  • a Microsoft supported web site that has been its home for the past thirteen years. Issues on this site are available at Microsoft List of Issues.
  • an IEEE Computer Society web site that mirrors the original site, and that is now available. Issues on this site are available at IEEE CS List of Issues.
A complete list of issues of the Bulletin and their articles are also at the DBLP managed by Michael Ley of the University of Trier.

Mailing List

Each issue of the Bulletin is announced via the TCDE mailing list and via the dbworld. The TCDE mailing list is maintained by the editor-in-chief of the Bulletin (see below). The dbworld mailing list is maintained at the University of Wisconsin. To subscribe to dbworld, visit the dbworld web site at dbworld. The TCDE mailing list is updated from time to time when the bulletin email announcement results in a large number of bounced messages after nine tries. This may affect whether or not you receive an email announcement of the Bulletin via this mailing list. If you believe that you have been inappropriately removed from the TCDE list, because you did not receive an announcement for recent issues, please send email to the editor-in-chief David Lomet. Include in this mail (i) your old email address, (ii) your new email address (these may be the same if email transmission difficulties prevented the delivery of the announcement), and (iii) your IEEE member number. Your email address will then be restored to the distribution list.

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