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IEEE TCDE Award Recipients

IEEE TCDE Awards 2016

Arnab Nandi IEEE TCDE Early Career Award
Arnab Nandi, Ohio State University
For contributions towards user-focused data interaction: building data analysis, exploration, and querying systems that allow highly interactive experiences for end-users
Mike Carey IEEE TCDE CSEE (Computer Science, Engineering, and Education) Impact Award
Mike Carey, University of California at Irvine
For leadership and research excellence in building impactful data management systems, engineering tools, products, and practices
Gio Wiederhold IEEE TCDE Service Award
Gio Wiederhold, Stanford University
For being a driving force behind the creation of the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

IEEE TCDE Awards 2015

Stratos Idreos IEEE TCDE Early Career Award
Stratos Idreos, Harvard University
Citation: for breakthroughs in adaptive data management systems that allow users rich data exploration capabilities without a priori knowledge of the data or queries
Honorable Mention
Tim Kraska, Brown University
Citation: for contributions on techniques for crowdsourcing for data management, cloud data management, and data intensive machine learning

Zhenjie Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Citation: For frontier research on enabling efficient, effective and privacy-preserving data analytics
Shamkanth B. Navathe IEEE TCDE CSEE (Computer Science, Engineering, and Education) Impact Award
Shamkanth B. Navathe, Georgia Institute of Technology
Citation: For contributions to database modeling and authorship of a textbook with widespread impact on the global education of databases

IEEE TCDE Awards 2014

Guoliang Li IEEE TCDE Early Career Award
Guoliang Li, Tsinghua University, China
Citation: For work in database usability and data quality.
Guoliang Li IEEE TCDE CSEE (Computer Science, Engineering, and Education) Impact Award
Beng-Chin Ooi, National University of Singapore
Citation: For sustained contributions to Computer Science in the engineering of parallel and distributed database systems