IEEE - Technical Committee on Electronic Commerce
IEEE Conference on Electronic Commerce

CEC'04 Conference Program

IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology

July 6-9, 2004, San Diego, California, USA,

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July 6, 2004






July 7, 2004


Room 1


Room 2


Keynote: Sharon Nunes,
Vice President of IBM Research




Full Paper Session 1

E-Commerce Intelligence


Full Paper Session 10



Full Paper Session 2

Dynamic Pricing


Full Paper Session 11

Security and Privacy I


Full Paper Session 3

B2B Commerce


Full Paper Session 12

Security and Privacy II


Industrial Panel







18:30-21:00     Banquet, Keynote: Epharaim Feig, IEEE Fellow and Kintera CTO



July 8, 2004


Room 1




Keynote: Jay M Tenenbaum,
Chairman, Commerce.Net




Full Paper Session 4

Electronic Catalogs


Short Paper Session 1

Security and Trust


Full Paper Session 5

B2C Decision Support


Short Paper Session 2

Decision Support and Planning


Full Paper Session 6

WS Compostition


Short Paper Session 3

Mobility and Interoperability


Full Paper Session 7

Business Process Management


Tutorial: Trust and Reputation Management in Peer-To-Peer Networks Zoran Despotovic, EPFL


July 9, 2004


Room 1


Room 2


Keynote: Umesh Dayal,

HP Fellow




Full Paper Session 8

Agents and Service-oriented Enterprise Applications


Short Paper Session 4

E-Commerce Applications


Full Paper Session 9

Agents and Economic Incentives


Short Paper Session 5

Quantitative Models in


Closing Panel




Closing Panel



Full Paper Sessions



Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Mei-Chun Hsu)

E-Commerce Intelligence


Building and Evaluating Non-Obvious User Profiles

Naveed MUSHTAQ, Karsten TOLLE, Peter WERNER, Roberto ZICARI


A Weighted Sifting Method to improve the effectiveness of Collaborative Filtering

Gyochang Kim, Tuguldur Sumiya, Jonghoon Chun, Sang-goo Lee, Jinwook Choi


Shingle-Based Query Indexing for Loation-Based Mobile E-Commerce

Kun-Lung Wu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Philip S. Yu





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Simon Shim)

Dynamic Pricing


Assisting Seller Pricing Strategy Selection for Electronic Auction

Jia Zhang, Ning Zhang, Jen-Yao Chung


A Markov decision-based price comparison model for Mobile AGent-based Internet Commerce System (MAGICS)

Perry P. Y. Lam , Henry C. B. Chan


Case Study on Customer Communication

Jens Strüker, Stefan Sackmann, Günter Müller





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: A. Wombacher)

B2B Commerce


Streamlining the replenishment process through extended information sharing and collaboration: defining the underlying e-commerce infrastructure

Katerina C. Pramatari, Georgios I. Doukidis


COSIMA B2B - Sales Automation for E-Procurement

Sven Döring, Stefan Fischer, Werner Kießling


An Active Adapter with Edge Cache Approach For Order Status Information Integration

Jih-Shyr Yih, Shiwa S. Fu, Shyh-Kwei Chen, Sebastien Houillot





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Martin Bichler)



Implementation of Large Catalogs for Price Enforcement in B2B E-Commerce

Trung T. Pham


A Semantic Classification Model for e-Catalogs

Dongkyu Kim, Sang-goo Lee, Jonghoon Chun


Unified Commerce Server Architecture for Large Number of Enterprise Stores

Trieu C. Chieu, Florian Pinel, Jih-Shyr Yih





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Liang-Jie Zhang)

B2C Decision Support


A Buyers Integration Support System in Group Buying

Tokuro Matsuo, Takayuki Ito, Toramatsu Shintani


The Architecture of the Symbol Engine in an Autonomous Business

Nick V. Flor





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Kwei-Jay Lin)

Web Service Composition


Service Selection Algorithms for Web Services with End-to-end QoS Constraints

Tao Yu, Kwei-Jay Lin


IPSI-PF: A Business Process Matchmaking Engine

Andreas Wombacher, Bendick Mahleko, Erich Neuhold


Ontology-Driven Web Services Composition Platform

B. Arpinar, B. Aleman-Meza, R. Zhang, A. Maduko






Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Jih-Shyr Yih)

Business Process Management


Quality of Service Process Variables in Complex B2B Systems Integration Assessment

R. William Maule, Shelley P. Gallup


Process Information Factory: A Data Management Approach for Enhancing Business Process Intelligence

Josef Schiefer , Jun-jang Jeng, Shubir Kapoor, Pawan Chowdhary


Designing Data Warehouses for Supply Chain Management

Timon C. Du, Jacqueline Wong, Mandy Lee





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Kevin Almeroth)

Service-oriented Enterprise Applications


A Service Management Framework for Service-Oriented Enterprises

Ying Huang, Santhosh Kumaran, Jen-Yao Chung


A Business Model for B2B Integration through Generated Web Services

Youcef Baghdadi


A Capacity Sizing Tool for a Business Process Integration Middleware

Te-Kai Liu, Hui Shen, Santhosh Kumaran





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Ying Huang)

Agents and Economic Incentives


CONFESS. An Incentive Compatible Reputation Mechanism for the Online Hotel Booking Industry.

Radu Jurca, Boi Faltings


Coupon-Based Incentive Systems and the Implications of Equilibrium Theory

Anargyros Garyfalos, Kevin C. Almeroth


Analysis of a Free Roaming Agent Result-Truncation Defense Scheme

Jianying Zhou, Jose Onieva, Javier Lopez





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Günter Müller)



Formal Specification and Verification of the SET/A Protocol with an Integrated Approach

Vitus S.W. Lam, Julian Padget


On Designing a Flexible E-Payment System with Fraud Detection Capability

Antoinette Leung, Simon Fong


LITESET/A  : A New Agent-assisted Secure Payment Protocol

Yan Wang





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Jia Zhang)

Privacy and Trust


Algorithms for Automated Negotiations and Their Applications in Information Privacy

Haifei Li, David Ahn, Patrick Hung


SIMT - A Privacy Preserving Web Metrics Tool

Maximilian Teltzrow, Sören Preibusch, Bettina Berendt





Full Paper Session (Session Chair: Haifei Li)

Security and Privacy


A Simplified Approach to User Controllable Threshold Signatures

Jong-Phil Yang, Sang Uk Shin, Kyung Hyune Rhee


SID: A PKI-enabled Identity Management System 2

Chaoting Xuan, Mustaque Ahamad





Short Presentations



Short Presentations (Session Chair: Stefan Sackmann)

Security and Trust


Determine the Factors which Engender Customer Trust in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Electronic Commerce

Fahim Akhter, David Hobbs, Zakaria Maamar


Digital Watermarking Capacity and Reliability

Zhang Fan, Zhang Hongbin


Better Privacy and Security in E-Commerce: Using Elliptic Curve-Based Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Sultan Almuhammadi, Nien T. Sui


Can eCRM and Trust improve eC customer base?

Charles A Shoniregun , Adebola Omoegun, Diepriye Brown-West , Oleksandr Logvynovskiy





Short Presentations (Session Chair: Kun-Lung Wu)

Decision Support and Planning


Diagnosing Key Needs for Emergent B2B in SMB’s

Enrique Espinosa, Angeles Junco, Jorge Ramirez, Fernando Ramos, Miriam Vazquez, Raul Cardenas


Reestimation of E-Business Planning Model

Fen Wang, Guisseppi Forgionne, Lidan Ha


Neural Network-Based Reputation Model in Distributed System

Weihua Song, Vir Phoha


Dealer Collaboration: Transforming the Value Chain through Relationships and Integration

Jakka Sairamesh





Short Presentations (Session Chair: Nick Flor)

Mobility and Interoperability


Destruction and Reconstruction of Heterogeneous Electronic Product Catalogues for Semantic Interoperation

Jingzhi Guo, Chengzheng Sun, David Chen


A Java-Based Information Browsing System in a Remote Display Environment

Takuya Maekawa , Toshiaki Uemukai , Takahiro Hara , Shojiro Nishio


Mobile Jabber IM: A Wireless-Based Text Chatting System

Jerry Gao, Ph.D., Mansi Modak, Satyavathi Dornadula, Simon Shim





Short Presentations (Session Chair: Adrian Paschke)

E-Commerce Applications


Towards a Theoretical Framework of Determinants for the Adoption and Diffusion of Buyer Authenticated Credit Card Payment Programs: The Online Merchant’s Perspective

Mustafa A. Ally, Mark Toleman


The e-Salesman System

Magdalene Ting, Vishal Seth, Jerry Gao


E-Marketplace using Artificial Immune System as Matchmaker

Tung-Wan Cheng, An-Pin Chen, Wan-Ling Wang


A Novel Web Sales Tracking Solution for Multichannel Marketing Programs on Electronic Commerce

Thomas Kwok, Thao Nguyen





Short Presentations (Session Chair: Thomas Kwok)

Quantitative Models in


A secure M 1st price auction scheme based on RSAP

XIAO Qing-hua, PING Ling-di, PAN Xue-zeng


Analysis of a Differentiated Bandwidth Allocation Strategy for Proportional Streaming Bit Rate Provisioning



A Computational Geometry approach to Web Personalization

Maria Rigou, Spiros Sirmakessis, Athanasios Tsakalidis