Conference Planning Information

These pages attempt to describe the history and nature of the main conferences run by the PAMI-TC for computer vision.

Conference Steering Committee

The PAMI TC Conference Steering Committee is designed to maintain the historical knowledge of conferences and to help future conference organizers. Its members are always willing to answer questions, provide feedback, and help deal with problems that arise.

Major Conferences

The three fairly regular vision conferences organized by the PAMI TC are: And a number of workshops which cluster around CVPR and ICCV.


Conferences have been held in a number of locations with various attendence and paper totals. The history page gives the general statistics for past meetings. If you have information to fill in the gaps please send it.

Planning a Conference

Planning a conference takes some time takes time and some effort. Once the process starts, things happen under the control of the committee and under the control of a fixed calendar imposed by outside forces (IEEE-CS, the hotels, etc.). These three pages discuss various aspects of the process.

Information Sources

Running the Conference

A number of different web sites have been used. Yuan-Fang Wang created a very nice web site with a number of scripts to manage the whole mess. These were modified (and in some cases generalized) by Keith Price for CVPR99. Consider using these -- you will not need to enter any reviews or papers if everyone cooperates.
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